Official NDSU Logos

All NDSU departments, centers and academic units are required to follow consistent university branding guidelines and may not create additional logos.

Download file options

wmf - Windows Metafile - Best used in MS Word, PowerPoint and other Windows-based programs
gif - Graphics Interchange Format - Low resolution, web use, not for printing. Cannot enlarge without quality loss.
jpg - Joint Photographic Experts Group - Low resolution, web use. Cannot enlarge without quality loss.
eps - Encapsulated Postscript - Vector art/Adobe Illustrator. High quality, scalable without quality loss. Preferred by professionals.

1. Simple logo, NDSU only

wmf - ndsu-logo.wmf

gif - ndsu-logo.gif

jpg - ndsu-logo.jpg

eps - ndsu-logo.eps

2. NDSU spelled out/stacked/green box logo

wmf - ndsu-greenbox.wmf

gif - ndsu-greenbox.gif

jpg - ndsu-greenbox.jpg

eps - ndsu-greenbox.eps

3. NDSU spelled out/stacked/black logo

wmf - ndsu-stacked.wmf

gif - ndsu-stacked.gif

jpg - ndsu-stacked.jpg

eps - ndsu-stacked.eps

4. NDSU spelled out/single line/black logo

wmf - ndsu-singleline.wmf

gif - ndsu-singleline.gif

jpg - ndsu-singleline.jpg

eps - ndsu-singleline.eps

5. Departmental logos

Contact Brad Clemenson for your departmental logo. Departmental logos are provided in two forms: stacked and one single line.



Usage guidelines

  • Never attempt to re-create the logo by typing “NDSU” in a font such as Times or Palatino.
  • All versions of the NDSU logo are graphics and must be used as graphics.
  • Do not attempt to recreate or alter any versions of the logo.
  • No additional elements should be added to or combined with any NDSU logos.
  • For print publications and web use, the logo does not need a TM or ® symbol.
  • All versions of the logo may be shrunk or enlarged proportionally, but may not be stretched vertically or horizontally.
  • The color of the NDSU logo may change to match a design.
  • Student organizations wishing to use the NDSU logo must follow these same guidelines.

   NDSU Logo








Clear space

A clear space equal to the height of the “NDSU” lettering is required on all sides of departmental logos. No text, patterns or other graphics should appear within this space.





The NDSU seal is not interchangeable with
the NDSU logo. It is
not to be used for ANY projects, except official documents from the Office of the President

Athletics mascot

Bison mascot logos are trademarked and are the property of Athletics. They are to be used only for materials related to Athletics, or with permission from Athletics. Click here to email Troy Goergen.

NDSU school colors



Pantone #343

CMYK: 91/41/75/37

RGB: 0/86/67

HEX: #005643 (Pantone 343 match)


Pantone #123

CMYK: 0/22/91/0

RGB: 255/200/46

HEX: #ffc82e (Pantone 123 match)

Printing of business cards, letterhead, envelopes and other stationery is restricted to the Ag Communication Print and Copy Services (Morrill 10, 231-2000), to maintain quality and compliance with university and postal regulations. When designing projects for NDSU, avoid color combinations that are associated with other schools (black + red = MSUM;  maroon + gold = Concordia;  black + kelly green + white = UND).

Questions about any of the above rules should be referred to

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