Web Guidelines

Faculty and staff can develop and maintain their official unit’s website through a free easy to use Content Management System (CMS). Templates have been designed to maintain consistent NDSU branding standards across university websites. Each page has assigned areas for text, images, navigation, callout boxes and breadcrumbs. By using CMS, users only need to input and update the content of their page. Another benefit is the ability to access their site from any computer with internet access. Visit the CMS website to learn more and get started.

Pages may be created without using CMS, however the user is then responsible for following the guidelines set below (and any future changes to the CMS template and guidelines) to be consistent with NDSU's image.

Guidelines for non-CMS sites


Official NDSU logo at top left which links to the NDSU homepage, www.ndsu.edu. The logo should be the version with North Dakota State University spelled out. Download the official NDSU logo with North Dakota State University spelled out.

Site name

Site name in black text, Arial. Size: 27 px, line height: 21 px.


Hex codes for NDSU colors - yellow=#ffc82e, green=#005643


Arial, sans-serif

gray bottom link bar

See example at the bottom of this page. Hex code for gray:#404041
Links that may be included: Campus Map, Diversity, Employment, Phone/Email Directory, Online Services, Registration and Records.
Links that must be included: Campus Map, Phone/Email Directory, Search (if not used elsewhere on the page)

Footer information

Department and contact information on left, including: phone, fax, campus address, mailing address and page manager. The page manager should be the NAME or TITLE of the person who works on the page and should link to their email address. Last updated information on right.

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