Email signatures

 To maintain consistent branding standards across all forms of communication at NDSU, it is recommended that faculty and staff use one of the following email signature options. 




Appearance of the font size may vary slightly, depending on email software. If 10 points appears too small or too large on your system, you may adjust the size.

Since some email programs do not allow formatting (font choices, bold text, etc.), users on those systems may choose to follow the order of information from the above options in whichever font is the default on that system.

Use of the NDSU logo graphic is encouraged in all email signatures, except in situations where an email system does not offer a way to place the graphic as part of the signature. If you are unable to use the logo graphic, be sure to use one of the signature options that spells out North Dakota State University within your contact information.

Other than NDSU’s main social media icons, no other logos or graphics should be used in the email signature.

Other information such as a graduation year or preferred pronouns may be added next to your name or the line below.


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