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Graduate Assistantships

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Most students enrolled in graduate studies in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources (CAFSNR) benefit from graduate assistantships that help offset costs and provide valuable practical experiences.

Our graduate assistantships come in three primary forms: research assistantships (GRAs), teaching assistantships (TAs), and Extension assistantships (EAs).

Research Assistantships (GRAs) 

The majority of the assistantships offered within CAFSNR are GRAs, which are funded by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (NDAES). These assistantships are instrumental in addressing the critical issues facing North Dakota in agriculture, food systems, and natural resources.

Teaching Assistantships (TAs) 

Certain programs within CAFSNR offer TAs, which position students alongside faculty in carrying out our educational mandate. These TA roles are exceptional opportunities to hone teaching skills.

Extension Assistantships (EAs)

EAs cater to students aspiring to extend their academic knowledge to practical settings, acting as a conduit to the broader community. These students are enrolled in CAFSNR graduate programs and support the NDSU Extension mission through direct involvement in providing science-based solutions to address real-world challenges.

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We encourage prospective graduate students to review the assistantship opportunities available in CAFSNR. For a comprehensive outline of the assistantships, including eligibility criteria, expectations, and stipend information, please visit the NDSU Graduate School's assistantship information page.

Further details about CAFSNR's graduate degree programs, the admissions process and standards, as well as available financial aid can be found in the NDSU Catalog.