Iris Dukart
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Iris Dukart

Inspiring Future Leaders Through Agricultural Education

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Name: Iris Dukart
Major: Agricultural Education
Minor: Extension Education
Year: Senior
Hometown: Manning, ND
Graduation Date: Spring 2023

Why I chose NDSU

I chose NDSU because I knew that it would offer me the opportunity to pursue a degree in Agricultural Education in an environment that has a history deeply rooted in agriculture. Additionally, I felt very at home on campus and knew I would be supported by professors and staff who wanted to see their students succeed.

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Why I chose a major in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Growing up on a farm and ranch, I also have a history deeply rooted in agriculture. When choosing a career for my future, I knew that it would always involve agriculture. Agricultural Education made a very large impact on my development in high school and that influenced me to pursue a degree in Ag Ed upon entering college. It combines my love for agriculture by teaching students about where their food, fiber, and fuel come from as well as helping them develop into strong leaders for our communities.

Agricultural education teacher candidates begin their preparatory work in the pre-agricultural education program offered through the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources and then apply for admission to the Teacher Education program and transfer to the School of Education when accepted into the program.

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Scholarships have helped me remain debt-free

Scholarships are so important to me because they have allowed me to graduate debt-free from college! By not having to worry about how I was going to finance my education, I had more time to invest in myself as an educator and take advantage of many opportunities outside of classes that enhanced my degree and created opportunities for networking and relationships that will support me after I leave NDSU.

Scholarships I’ve received (NDSU-awarded and externally-awarded):

  • Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Leadership Scholarship
  • Appaloosa Horse Club Territory 1 Scholarship
  • CNH Industrial Ag Scholarship
  • Dale Carpentier Agriculture Education Scholarship Endowment
  • Dollars for Scholars
  • Dunn County 4-H Johnnie Rae Memorial Scholarship
  • Dunn County Crop Improvement Scholarship
  • Dunn County Farm Bureau Scholarship
  • Education Association Scholarship
  • Farm Credit Service of Mandan Scholarship
  • Kent and Jodi Carlson Scholarship
  • Killdeer FFA Alumni Scholarship
  • Killdeer Golf Foundation Scholarship
  • Killdeer High School Jeans for Charity Scholarship
  • Killdeer Saddle Club Scholarship
  • Lenora M. DeAlton Memorial Scholarship
  • Mel and Sharyl Maier Scholarship
  • Midwest Dairy Scholarship
  • ND Career and Technical Education Scholarship
  • ND FFA Foundation Bakk Farm Scholarship
  • ND State Soil Conservation District Scholarship
  • NDSU 4-H Foundation Rosevold Memorial Scholarship
  • NDSU Academic Scholarship
  • NDSU Agricultural Education Scholarship
  • NDSU Class of 1967 Scholarship
  • NDSU Entrepreneurial Scholarship
  • NDSU Michael & Melinda Goodman-Sorenson Scholarship
  • North Dakota Stockmen’s Association Junior Scholarship
  • North Dakota Stockmen’s Association Legacy Scholarship
  • Orville and Nora Bergan Memorial Scholarship
  • Southwest Grain Scholarship
  • Verlin and Eloise Johnson Animal Science Livestock and Meats Judging Program Scholarship

Scholarships offered by the College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources

Involvement in clubs helps build my skills and relationships

I am involved in the Agricultural Education Society and Collegiate Cattlewomen. Being involved in organizations on campus has impacted me so much because it has allowed me to gain leadership skills, build relationships with staff and students at NDSU that will support me in my future career, and gain real life knowledge in areas that I care about. I would encourage every student at NDSU to get involved in an organization on campus that allows you to network with others, learn new things, and achieve growth in your leadership skills!

Student organizations within the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Internship opportunities give me real-world experience

CHS Southwest Grain Agronomy Intern: I assisted with herbicide and pesticide distribution, staged crops for fungicide, herbicide, and insecticide applications and identified weeds. Additionally, I worked with our customer base to invoice products, deliver products, and helped market various products.

NDSU Extension Integrated Pest Management Crop Scout: I was tasked with identifying major crop pests in sunflowers, soybeans, wheat, and barley in addition to identifying growth stages, diseases, and pest thresholds. Additionally, I managed insect traps, trapped and pinned insects, and collected a variety of data which was submitted to NDSU Extension and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture.

ND Association of Agricultural Educators Intern: I assisted at the 2022 ND FFA State Convention by helping check in chapters, organized materials for contests and workshops, facilitated a workshop for ND FFA members, and assisted at the career fair. Additionally, I helped organize and judge FFA exhibits at the North Dakota State Fair.

Classroom experiences prepare me for my future career

In the teacher education program, we have the opportunity to microteach among our peers and observe other educators in our community. This was very impactful to me because it allowed me to practice my teaching and gain more confidence and practice teaching my material. Additionally, by being able to observe other educators, I learned about different teaching styles and gained practical knowledge and experience in the classroom that I can take into student teaching and beyond.

People are the best part of my NDSU experience

There are so many memories I have made at NDSU but I think the greatest has been the people. During the last four years of college, I have encountered so many individuals who have shaped my education and impacted me so much! I have made lifelong friends who will not only support me in my future career but in life. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for these relationships and being able to walk through life with some of the best people in the world!

My future plans

After graduating in May 2023, I intend to teach Agricultural Education and be an FFA advisor at a high school in North Dakota!