A) Teacher Licensure Pathway- prepares candidates to teach at the middle, secondary, post-secondary and adult levels in agricultural education programs. North Dakota State University is designated by the State Board of Career and Technical Education as the recognized institution for preparing teachers of agricultural education.

B) Training and Development Pathway - prepares candidates to develop and deliver educational programming in corporate training settings, Extension, and non-profit organizations. Students will learn to work with youth and adults in diverse educational environments. This pathway and program is unique to North Dakota State University.

The Program

The agricultural education major is designed to combine general studies, preparation for effective teaching and learning, and a broad background in the various disciplines in agriculture. Courses in agricultural economics, agricultural systems management, animal and range science, plant sciences, horticulture, and soil science provide the necessary background in modern agriculture. A wide array of elective courses are also available in agriculture content areas.

Professional Education Courses

The Agricultural Education Teacher Licensure program is a collaboratively delivered program between the Department of Youth Development, Family, and Agricultural Education in the College of Agriculture, Food, Systems, and Natural Resources as well as the School of Education in the College of Arts and Sciences. Teacher candidates may enroll in the 200 and 300-level professional education courses (H&CE and EDUC) before being formally admitted to School of Education (SOE) coursework. Prior to enrolling in the 400-level EDUC courses, teacher candidates must complete the application for admission to the SOE. Requirements for admission can be found at the NDSU Teacher Education website.

Internship Capstones

Each of the pathways in Agricultural Education major require an internship as the capstone experience to the degree. In the Teacher Licensure Pathway, that internship is Student Teaching. During Student Teaching, teacher candidates apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their college courses to real-world classrooms under the supervision of experienced agricultural educators in middle or secondary schools.

In the Training and Development Pathway, the internship is typically within the corporate setting or within an Extension setting. These candidates will also apply content and teaching and learning skills in their respective setting. They will develop and evaluate educational programming in a real-world setting, impacting the lives of others.

Student Advisement

Students are assigned to one of the faculty members in agricultural education who will work closely in program planning and in other ways to advise and assist them. Students are encouraged to seek their advisors' help whenever needed.


Upon completing this program, teacher licensure candidates are eligible for certification to teach agricultural education in most states. Our program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and approved by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board (ESPB).

Career Opportunities

Agriculture Teachers continue to be in high demand around the country. Most agricultural education teachers in North Dakota are on extended contracts and receive stipends for serving as an FFA advisor. The industry of agriculture is constantly looking for people with broad content knowledge and valuable people skills. No matter the pathway in Ag Ed, graduates will find themselves in high demand.

Ag Ed Society

The purpose of the Agricultural Education Society is to foster professional development, service, and community building among students, especially those in Agricultural and Extension Education. We aim to provide a place for students passionate for Agricultural Education to share their passion and grow professionally and personally.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students seeking financial aid should contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or One Stop. To inquire about scholarship opportunities, contact the Office of Admission. The College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources and the North Dakota FFA Foundation offer scholarships at $500-$1,000 or more.