Transferring Credit

Getting Transfer Credit at NDSU

In general, NDSU will accept the transfer of college-level coursework earned from regionally accredited colleges or universities. Courses earned through non-accredited institutions or those that are remedial by definition of the transferring institution, or equivalent to a remedial course at NDSU, will not be accepted in transfer. Remedial coursework may satisfy pre-requisite requirements.

  • Generally speaking, credits accepted in transfer from other institutions may satisfy a number of categories, including general education requirements, major or program requirements, and/or free electives.
  • The applicability of transfer credits toward your intended program of study is determined by the Office of Registration and Records and NDSU academic departments upon admission to NDSU.
  • Transfer credits are officially evaluated by the NDSU Office of Registration and Records approximately 3-4 weeks following admission to NDSU.
Evaluating Transfer Credit

If you're wondering if your credits will transfer, you can use the resources below as a starting point. Every effort has been made to provide accurate and current information. Final decisions regarding the transfer of credit and application of credit to majors rest with the NDSU Office of Registration and Records and/or the respective academic departmental offices.