Cost of Attendance

2018-2019 Projected Cost of Attendance

Below you will find the projected costs for the 2018-2019 academic year,* as well as a breakdown and explanation of fees. If you’re looking for detailed information about paying tuition and fees or answers to common billing questions, check out our tuition and payment resources.

Tuition Type North Dakota Residents Minnesota Residents Montana, South Dakota, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan Residents Other States International Undergraduates
Base Tuition** $7,957 $8,912 $9,548 $11,936 $13,925
Engineering Tuition1 $8,756 $9,807 $10,507 $13,134 $15,323
Architecture & Landscape  Architecture Tuition2 $10,586 $11,856 $12,703 $15,879 $18,525
Nursing Tuition2 $9,214 $10,320 $11,057 $13,822 $16,125
Business Tuition3 $8,335 $9,335 $10,002 $12,503 $14,586
Pharmacy Tuition3 $15,495 $16,890 $18,594 $23,243 $27,116
  1. Begins freshman year.
  2. Begins sophomore year.
  3. Varies

*Final costs are set and approved by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education in summer 2018. The figures presented here are subject to change. 
**Differential tuition is assessed to students in selected professional programs to cover the costs of additional resources and facilities associated with those programs. Differential tuition, which replaces the base tuition figure, is assessed to students once they are accepted into the professional phase of the program. 

Student Fees, Room, and Board 
Fee Type Domestic Undergraduates International Undergraduates
New Student Fee $120 $195
Student Fees $1,337 $1,507
Housing $3,926 $3,926
Meal Plan $4,639 $4,639
Health Insurance - $1,748
Books $800 $800
Costs Explained
Student Fees

The Department of Orientation and Student Success is funded by a $120 nonrefundable fee charged to all new undergraduate and professional degree-seeking students in their first semester at NDSU.

The new student fee provides operations and personnel costs aimed at promoting student success and retention, including but not limited to orientation and welcome week programs, tutoring services, and family programs. An additional $75 fee is charged to new international students to support orientation and arrival services provided by the Office of International and Study Abroad Services.
Student fees cover the cost of selected university programs and activities, admission to fine arts and athletic events, student publications, technology, health and wellness services, and an $85 International Student Support Services fee each Fall and Spring semester (international students who enroll for the summer term will be charged an additional $85 for summer). 

Room and Board

Several room and board arrangements are available for on-campus housing. The costs presented here reflect the arrangements most commonly selected by new freshmen: a double room and the 7-Day meal plan. Rates and plans vary—see Dining Services and Residence Life for more information. 

International Student Health Insurance

All international students in F and J status are required to purchase the mandatory state health insurance policy through UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. Insurance is charged per semester (once in Fall and once in Spring for Spring/Summer semesters combined).

Books and Supplies

Students should plan on spending approximately $800 per year for books and supplies and approximately $3,400 per year for personal expenses and transportation. 

Program Fees

Program fees are assessed in addition to tuition and support program needs for a limited number of programs. For specific fees, see One Stop

More information on costs, additional fees, and payment plans is available from One Stop.

Minnesota Reciprocity

Thanks to an agreement between North Dakota and Minnesota, Minnesota students are eligible for tuition comparable to resident tuition. Students who graduate from a Minnesota high school and enroll at NDSU within 12 months automatically qualify for reciprocity. No paperwork is necessary. If you plan to attend NDSU more than 12 months following high school graduation, complete the application.

Transfer students must apply for reciprocity beginning in April for the following year. Home-schooled students and students who have earned a GED also must apply for reciprocity.

More information on reciprocity is available from the Office of Registration & Records.

Alumni Dependents

Children and spouses of North Dakota University System (NDUS) college and university graduates may be eligible for reduced tuition at NDSU. New undergraduate students in this category who are not residents of North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, or South Dakota are eligible for a tuition rate equal to the rate for Montana and South Dakota residents. 

Employee Family Discount

Spouses and dependents of NDSU employees may be eligible for a tuition discount equal to one-half of the tuition cost for NDSU classes. Please contact the Office of Human Resources to complete the paperwork at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the term.