New Student Orientation

Welcome to NDSU! We look forward to helping you prepare for a successful transition.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is an important step to every new student. During New Student Orientation, you will learn about academics and finances, have lunch, meet with an academic advisor and register for classes, and have the option of touring campus. You will also have a choice of breakout sessions to learn about specific student services. Family members are also invited to attend. Please note there is no programming for children. Due to space restrictions, family members will not attend class registration with students.

Questions about New Student Orientation? Contact Student Success Programs at (800) 488-6378 (option 2) or

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Class Registration Preparation

Class registration will happen during New Student Orientation. In order to register for classes, new students must complete the following at least one week before their scheduled New Student Orientation:

The NDSU Math Placement Test All new students are required to complete the NDSU Math Placement Test even if you plan to transfer math credit to NDSU. NDSU will always accept your highest placement whether it is determined by your NDSU Math Placement Test scores or by previously earned credits. This is a timed test that should be taken in an environment free of distractions and will take a maximum of 75 minutes. You must log into Blackboard with your N.D. University System account. It is recommended that you take a practice test. Detailed instructions are available here.

The NDSU English Placement Survey All new students should complete this survey to provide a full picture of your preparation for college-level writing, reading and research. There are no “wrong” answers. The estimated completion time is 10-20 minutes. You will use your NDSU electronic ID to access the placement survey.