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Agronomy Seed Farm

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Closeup of hard red spring wheat seeds


The Agronomy Seed Farm (ASF) produces foundation seed for North Dakota seedsmen and cooperates in research efforts of the ND Agricultural Experiment Station scientists located at the main station in Fargo. Research and outreach efforts focus on the evaluation and development of new crop varieties, and providing data on varieties grown under eastern North Dakota growing conditions.



To provide an adequate supply of high quality Foundation grade seed for the seed producers of North Dakota.  In addition, the Agronomy Seed Farm also provides support to the main station scientists in their research and outreach efforts that focus on the evaluation and development of new crop varieties.


The ASF's foundation seed production provides seedstock that supplies the certified seed industry and serves as a springboard for nearly all crop production in the state that relies on public breeding programs.

As a number of protected varieties are released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, demand for seed is expected to increase. The ability to produce adequate foundation seed is an imperative step in providing improved varieties from NDSU plant breeding programs to producers .

For example: the release of Alsen, the first scab-resistant hard red spring wheat variety, highlights the role the ASF plays in seed production. The farm produced, conditioned and distributed more than 13,000 bushels of Foundation Class Seed Alsen to the agricultural industry.

The ASF is self-financed entirely by sale of the seed it produces.

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