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Foundation Seed Available


The Langdon Research Extension Center produces, conditions, and sells Foundation grade seed for producers and seedsmen in the region.  The varieties of crops that will be available for the 2023 growing season are listed below:

HRSW - Faller, Prosper, Bolles, ND Frohberg, MN-Torgy, MN-Rothsay, ND Heron (NDCISA)

Barley - Lacey

Soybeans - ND17009GT

Flax - ND Hammond, CDC Rowland (NDCISA)

Growers who have grown seed for certification in one of the last four years who request seed prior to December 1st will be guaranteed an allocation.  Any seed inventories available after December 1st will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  Call the Langdon Research Extension Center at 701-256-2582 for availability.  2023 foundation seed pricing.

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