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Plant Pathology

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Chickpea plant with ascochyta blight symptoms
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Audrey Kalil

Founded in 2015, the Plant Pathology program at the Williston REC is focused on applied research to address disease issues of the diverse crops of NW North Dakota. Crops of focus include durum, lentil, field pea, chickpea and sugar beets. The program seeks to evaluate the efficacy of fungicides, crop rotation and other management techniques on reducing disease and pathogen populations as well as methodologies to increase soil health associations with beneficial microorganisms.

For more information or questions contact:

Dr. Audrey Kalil



Growing Pulse Crops Podcast

For everything pulse crops (peas, lentils and chickpeas) check out this new podcast series created by the North Central IPM Center Pulse Crops Working Group currently led by Dr. Kalil. This wide ranging series covers a variety of topics including agronomics, disease and weed management, inoculation, soil health, and pulse crop markets.

You can access the podcast at the website  or subscribe via a podcast app.


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