Seeking Applicants for Assistant Professor of Practice

Faculty Position: Assistant Professor of Practice

The Department of Biological Sciences at North Dakota State University invites applications for a 9-month non-tenure-track professor of practice position in Biomedical Science with a focus on Genomics to begin Fall 2022.

Upon satisfactory performance this position is renewable and eligible for promotion to Associate and Full Professor of Practice. The position is 80% teaching, 10% research and 10% service. Teaching duties include introductory biology and cell biology, as well as developing and teaching other courses for biomedical science majors, especially within the genomics minor. Part of the teaching duties will include overseeing internships for students in the genomics minor. Start-up funding will be provided for travel, professional development and course development.

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Directions for Anonymized Applications

We recognize that excellence in teaching can come from anywhere. We also know that search committees can be directly or indirectly influenced by high profile PIs, institutions, and journals. But, gaining access and taking advantage of those opportunities can be limited to those with privilege. We have implemented an anonymized search process to mitigate traditional sources of implicit and explicit biases by search committee members.

Your application will have four components.

  1. An anonymized teaching statement (4 pages max). The Teaching Statement should outline major pedagogical goals and instructional practices used to meet those goals, a description of genomic research or related industry experience and how these techniques could be incorporated into teaching labs, and a plan for using inclusive teaching practices to promote student success, especially those from diverse backgrounds. 
  2. A normal cover letter
  3. A normal curriculum vita
  4. A list of three professional references with contact information and a brief description of their relationship to you 

During the evaluation of applications, search committee members will view and evaluate the anonymized Teaching Statement first, prior to reviewing other materials. Once applicants have been ranked based on the Teaching Statement, search committee members will view the cover letter and CV.

What do you mean by an anonymized teaching statement? 

We anticipate that minor tweaking of your existing teaching statement will be needed. Please exclude the names of your prior institutions, advisors, collaborators and colleagues. To provide some context to your teaching experience, you could reference the type of institution where you were employed. 

For example, a statement such as…

“When I was instructor of record for Introductory Biology at North Dakota State University….

…Would be edited as follows:

“When I was instructor of record for an Introductory Biology course at a mid-sized state university. …”

Although you may mention relevant publications by topic, please do not include the names of co-authors or the journal. Please ensure that you do not include your name anywhere in this document, including the file name, headers, and footers.

What about the CV, cover letter, and references?

These documents will be prepared as you would for a standard job application, and will include your name and other identifiers. These documents will be viewed only after initial ranking based on the Teaching Statement. We are not requiring letters of recommendation, only contact information for your references.

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