Will Bleier

Professor Emeritus and former Department Head
Department of Biological Sciences

Malcolm Butler

Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Aquatic Ecology and Invertebrate Biology
Community and ecosystem ecology of lakes and wetlands. Biological assessment of water quality. Ecology, biogeography, and systematics of Chironomus (Diptera:Chironomidae). Major focus since 2007 has been invertebrate ecology in tundra ponds of Alaska’s Arctic Coastal Plain.
Email malcolm.butler@ndsu.edu
Campus Office: Research 2, Room 214B

Gary Clambey

Professor Emeritus


Campus Office: 230 Stevens Hall

NDSU News story on Dr. Clambey - Sept 23, 2015

Ted Esslinger

Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Taxonomy and Evolution of the Lichen-Forming Fungi

Although retired, Ted continues his research on the fungal families Parmeliaceae, Physciaceae, and Alectoriaceae. Current research involves primarily revisionary work on the North American and/or world representation of the genera Physcia, Physconia and Phaeophyscia. This includes classical morphological and chemotaxonomic study, but also includes molecular phylogenetic studies in collaboration with individuals at Brigham Young University and the Chicago Field Museum.

NDSU Feature Story "NDSU Professor Studies “Bizarre” Forms of Life" April 25, 2011

E-mail: Ted.Esslinger@ndsu.edu

Campus Office: Research 2, Room 206H

James Grier

Professor Emeritus

 Email:James W Grier

Campus Office: Research 2, Room 206G

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