Undergraduate Education

Our department offers many opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in authentic research


Biologists are a Diverse Group!

Biologists deal will many of the major issues facing contemporary society:

  • climate change
  • habitat loss
  • genetic engineering
  • cancer
  • other diseases

Majors in the Department of Biological Sciences gain a sound education that helps them to better understand and face these issues. Undergraduates in our majors ask questions on multiples levels from cells (cytologists, molecular biologists, geneticists), to organisms (anatomists, physiologists, entomologists, mammalogists, ornithologists), to populations and their relation to each other and to their environment (ethologists, ecologists). Many continue their education in graduate or professional schools. They become some of the physicians, researchers, educators, resource managers and policy makers who help shape the future.

Biological Sciences students at NDSU can choose from a number of major programs and emphases.  They are encouraged to conduct research, join pre-professional clubs, and participate in internships to further their career opportunities.  Many of our students serve as learning assistants to help other students achieve academic success.  A number of merit-based scholarships are available within the department to recognize the scholarly achievements of our students.

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