Pandemic Documentary Project

This semester (Fall 2023), advanced writing students at NDSU successfully wrapped up a documentary project delving into the history of the pandemic within the university. The project involved interviews with a diverse range of individuals, including the university's former president, the director of research, the provost, as well as other staff and students. Alongside these interviews, the students compiled a comprehensive timeline, glossary, and a collection of photographs. This groundbreaking journalism effort is noteworthy because, to the best of our knowledge, no other university has yet undertaken an exploration of the history of this global calamity, which, for many younger students, will be a defining moment in their lives. It was crucial to document these accounts now, while those who experienced the pandemic firsthand are still available, and their recollections remain vivid.

The Pandemic

Stories of the Covid-19 pandemic at North Dakota State University, Fargo




Department Newsletter

Fall 2022
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