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Communication majors attract more enthusiastic students than nearly any other discipline, not only at NDSU but on most campuses across the United States. And with good reason: students realize that study in communication is not only a way to a good job, but it's superb background for almost any profession you can imagine.

Good writing skills, polished speaking skills, clear thinking skills, ability to relate well with others in all sorts of professional groups--what professional would not value these abilities? What student would not value these abilities, no matter where life leads her or him?

It's no wonder, with almost 250 undergraduate majors and 50 graduate students, that NDSU's Department of Communication is a popular home for people from a variety of backgrounds.

For more information, contact the chair of our department, Dr. Stephenson Beck.

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Anti-Racism Statement

North Dakota State University Department of Communication’s Statement on Anti-Racist and Anti-Discriminatory Education
The NDSU Department of Communication reaffirms its commitment to anti-racist and anti-discriminatory education. We recognize that being the target of racism is not new for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian (BIPOC) members of our community, and that recent acts of racism by an NDSU student snapchat group are part of a larger history. As a department specializing in how communication affects individuals and communities, we are committed to taking concrete actions as a department to create a better environment for students of color on the NDSU campus. With courses in intercultural communication, understanding media and social change, conflict communication, gender and communication, communication ethics and law, critical approaches to popular culture, argumentation and advocacy, and more, we are already a part of the national conversation and movement against systematic discrimination. But we recognize that we can do better. 

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