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Find important information on how you and your school district can offer professional development classes throughout the state and region.

Offer a Class

The Office of Teaching and Learning’s Distance and Continuing Education program is currently seeking high-quality, relevant, graduate-level professional development classes.

Did you know all North Dakota licensed teachers are required to take graduate-level professional development classes to maintain their teaching license? Also, many teachers from throughout the United States are required to have their professional development documented on a transcript for pay scale changes. 

Individuals who are an expert in a teaching-related topic are invited to develop classes for educators through in person, online or a combination of those modes.

It is also important that school districts provide staff development to help educators stay up-to-date on the latest teaching methods, curriculum, and technologies. We welcome school districts nationwide to offer professional development for their teachers through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education. School district's may also choose to open their professional development to all educators. If you plan to offer a class for teachers in your school or district and would like to offer professional development credit, consider requesting approval through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education. Read more about the approval process.

Individuals interested in offering a K-12 professional development class must have a master's degree or higher from a regionally accredited university. Read more about who can teach a professional development class.

To offer a class for K-12 teachers you must complete the course proposal and course syllabus forms below. All classes offered are approved through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education and the appropriate NDSU department.



About Offering a Class

Before you fill out the paperwork to offer a class, please read through the following information.

  1. Your contract. The professional development contract for your course will be emailed to you by Kathryn Hoovestol with information regarding URL closing date as well as grade submission deadline. Please remind students of those dates.
  2. Ensure students register in a timely manner. In accordance with NDSU policy, only course participants who have enrolled and paid their fees by the enrollment deadline for each course will be considered enrolled. Online registration URLs closing dates are posted under each course listing. Courses are removed from the website when the closing date has passed.
  3. As educators register for your course, email notifications are sent to you.
  4. Late registrations are charged the credit registration fee plus a $25 late fee.
  5. Non-participating students, notify of students who have not accessed the course or participated. We will contact them to check on their course status.
  6. Students dropping a course MUST contact in writing.
  7. Assigned work must be completed by the end of the course.
  8. Grade submission. Refer to your emailed contract from Kathryn Hoovestol for information about the grade submission deadline. Watch your email for a final grade roster from Janalee Brandt. ALL grades are submitted to within five business days of the course completion date. Students with no grade listed will receive a failed grade of U or F. The grade can be changed when the student completes the course requirements.




Professional Development Forms

All professional development offerings through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education must be approved prior to being offered for credit. The following forms are for use when offering a professional development credit activity for teachers through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education.

Course Proposal
Use this form to propose a class offered for professional development credit for K-12 teachers.

Course Syllabus
Once you have completed the course proposal form (above), use the course syllabus form to submit a course syllabus electronically. Or, you may email a syllabus that includes all of the items from the electronic form to Barb Schumacher.

Evaluation Form - PDF  |  Microsoft Word  |  Audio (MP3)
Use this form for student evaluations of your professional development class.

Return all forms to NDSU Distance and Continuing Education at PO Box 6050, NDSU Dept 2020, Fargo, ND 58108. 



Multi-Campus Forms

If your class is funded through a state grant, you are required to offer the professional development class through a multi-campus agreement. Below you will find forms for offering a multi-campus class.

Multi-Campus Proposal Form for K-12
Use this form to propose a class offered for professional development credit through the multi-campus agreement.

Multicampus Evaluation Form -  PDF  |  Microsoft Word  |  Audio (MP3)
When credit for a professional development class is approved through multi-campus approval process, use this form for student evaluations of the course. 

Return all forms to NDSU Distance and Continuing Education at PO Box 6050, NDSU Dept 2605, Fargo, ND 58108. 


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