AG IDEA Online Classes

Online classes that apply to AG IDEA online degrees and programs.

AG IDEA Online Classes

North Dakota State University is a member university of the AG IDEA Exchange, an alliance of accredited public universities in the United States who collaborate to provide online classes for the AG IDEA program. North Dakota State University might be one of the many universities you will take classes in for the AG IDEA programs. This unique approach offers online agricultural classes to students and universities who need to fill some classes in their current program without having to be admitted to each university and then transfer those online courses to their home university.

Currently, NDSU does not offer any of the online degree programs in AG IDEA, but please check out the agricultural-related online classes that we do offer. Many of these courses can be taken as a non-degree seeking student status, for those individuals who want to learn more about the topics offered in these online courses.

All classes are offered at one affordable common price and are completely online, giving busy professionals maximum flexibility to pursue their education while balancing family and work obligations.

Offering Classes In:

NDSU offers online classes as part of the following AG IDEA programs, but does not offer a full degree through the AG IDEA consortium at this time. The links below will take you to the GP IDEA's program pages for each program.

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