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Office of Teaching and Learning

A supportive place to find workshops, resources, and assistance to better your teaching. With extensive experience in successful grant writing at all levels, Office of Teaching and Learning staff are available to work with you as part of your grant application team. Meeting space is available for your education-related initiatives. Our reach is broad, encompassing all subject areas and interdisciplinary approaches to education.


About OTL

Information on our strategic plan, staff, office hours, and contact information.

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Annual learning events and calendar of teaching-related events across campus.

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Programs Offered

We have six major programs that offer a variety of events, services, degrees, and training opportunities.

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Faculty Resources

Quality learning begins with quality teaching. Find resources to improve your teaching.

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We Learn Together Blog

Posts about different techniques that may enhance your teaching. 

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Upcoming Events

Events geared toward faculty, teaching staff, staff, and graduate students.

Upcoming Events

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JANUARY 13, 2021  |  Register now for the College Teaching Certificate

JANUARY 14, 2021  |  Including U: Non-Traditional Students  |  12-1 p.m.  |  Via Zoom

FEBRUARY 4, 2021  |  Including U: Higher Ed and Different Abilities  |  12-1 p.m.  |  Via Zoom

FEBRUARY 14, 2021  |  Event Canceled - Avenues of Scientific Discovery

FEBRUARY 19, 2021  | Deadline for Inclusion in the Summer Brochure  |  K-12 Professional Development Class Proposals 

FEBRUARY 25, 2021  |  Including U: New American and Refugee Realities  |  12-1 p.m.  |  Via Zoom

MARCH 1, 2021  |  Nomination Deadline for Amy Rupiper Taggart Award for Excellence in Program Assessment

MARCH 1, 2021  |  Nomination Deadline for Award for Excellence in Course Assessment

MARCH 2 & 3 , 2021  |  NDUS: Open Educational Resource Conference 

MARCH 25, 2021  |  Including U: Women in Higher Ed  |  12-1 p.m.  |  MU Badlands

APRIL 1, 2021  |  Deadline for submitting Fall/Summer Semester 2021 course materials to the NDSU Bookstore 

APRIL 15, 2021  |  Including U: Underrepresented Campus Faiths  |  12-1 p.m.  |  MU Badlands




The latest news and happenings.


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If you plan to teach in any institution of higher education, register for this program and give yourself a competitive advantage.

Find out who will lead OTL.

K-12 teachers are required to obtain professional development credits to maintain their license. Find out how you can offer a class and get paid for it.

A tool to assist in making your class more accessible.

Join us for these presentations on each candidate's vision for OTL.

|   Inspiring Teachers

NDSU professor James Caton challenges students to explore the unfamiliar.

James Caton describes himself as “a teacher who has spent his life in pursuit of understanding.” 

That’s a perspective he...

|   Inspiring Teachers

In a photo taken before the pandemic, NDSU associate professor Angela Smith teaches her students.

Angela Smith is an admired and respected instructor who firmly believes that students learn best by...

|   Inspiring Teachers

In a photo taken before the pandemic, associate professor Fariz Huseynov teaches his NDSU students. Huseynov has
taught a variety of management courses since joining the faculty in 2009.  

The world...



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