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What does faculty workload really look like?

Office of Teaching and Learning is excited to announce that we have launched our LinkedIn page. Our goal is to create and share the best practices for teaching and learning on this new platform to a…

Little Hints For Instructors

What does a pontoon have to do with pedagogical research? Find out here!

Propose a visual arts video today!

People are not born with these skills.

Find out how you can participate in our new Dual Credit program.

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An important note about your department's course schedule.

Don't miss your opportunity to win a $50 gift card.

Take this faculty survey for a chance to win a $50 VISA gift card.

Become an integral part of this FLC today!

Have you turned in your spring semester textbook order yet?

What efficiency hacks do you have to share?

Little Hints For Instructors

Learn how the all new Avenues of Scientific Discovery event will replace Expanding Your Horizons at NDSU.

Learn more about this newly restructured event.

How do you introduce your students to research? Read about this resource.

“This is why our children find video games so enjoyable and even addictive,”...

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Do you know what resources are available on campus?

Learn what Dr. Wachenheim will bring to the office.

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How much do you really know about what a reference librarian does?

Learn what educational programs she will be offering on campus.

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Watch video from the 2021 Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference.

Watch videos of sessions offered at the 2021 Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference.

Find out the best place to find all resources for faculty.

Watch videos of sessions offered at the 2021 Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference.

Come learn about language diversity and its impact on your classroom.

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Learn how the canceled Avenues of Scientific Discovery inspired this YouTube playlist and resource for K-12 teachers.

Want to teach your students how to learn, join us for this upcoming book club.

Become an OTL YouTube star today!

Watch videos of sessions offered at the 2021 Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference.

Help us answer this question.

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Find out what OTL's priorities are for the coming years.

Learn how to become a member, if you aren't already.

If you are not a member of this group, you are missing out.

Find out who is eligible for a free Qualtrics account.

Find out when you need to be registered for classes by.

What tips would you add to this list?

Do this one thing if you plan to complete the College Teaching Certificate this semester.

Learn tips and tricks for a successful year.

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Find out what our Facebook question is this week.

Use your expertise to assist other faculty!

How to create an engaging first day agenda.

A small but meaningful gesture. Learn some tips on how to do this.

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Join OTL as we discuss all things Back to School.

Interested in how the GEER grant did, continue reading.

Don't miss the Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference!

More resources on academic freedom.

Attention College Teaching Certificate Students!

Our July theme is Academic Freedom.

What do we need to do to protect academic freedom?

Learn why you should be working in cooperation with OTL and LAIC.

Hear instructors present their most successful and unique teaching ideas.

NDSU graduate students, submit a video to showcase your program of study!


View a resource video about academic freedom.

Could these certification courses benefit your teaching?

How can you help students be more resilient?

How can you use asynchronous learning in your classroom.

Is academic freedom essential to democracy, read more, then let us know your thoughts.

Learn to simplify your grading process.

Learn more about Universal Design in education.

Stay up to date and interact with fellow instructors.

Learn valuable teaching skills as a graduate student.

Learn about the CARES Instructional design project and who participated.

What can an instructional coach do for your teaching?

Learn how NDSU instructors plan to move their teaching beyond the pandemic.

Learn ways to increase your empathy for your students.

Registration is now open.

View breakout sessions you missed or review sessions you enjoyed.

The initial submission deadline for the College Teaching Certificate teaching portfolios is July 9th. Be sure to submit yours if you plan to graduate in Summer Semester 2021.

Join the discussion and add resources regarding academic freedom.

Find out who was nominated and who was awarded one of three teaching awards.

Find out how you can get your faculty, staff, and graduate student-related events in our weekly newsletter.

Check out our Teacher Appreciation Week notes of thanks.

What will you learn at this new teaching and learning conference?

Find out if you were nominated for one of our two teaching and learning awards.

Apply today to become a faculty fellow in OTL.

Instructors play a big role in ensuring course materials are purchased at the most cost effective price, find out how to help the NDSU Bookstore.

Join this book club to find out about the practice of "Ungrading" and how that impacts student success.

Find out how your workshop could win cash prizes.

Help shape the services OTL offers.

If you plan to teach in any institution of higher education, register for this program and give yourself a competitive advantage.

Find out who will lead OTL.

A tool to assist in making your class more accessible.

Join us for these presentations on each candidate's vision for OTL.

Find out who the three finalists are for the director of OTL position.

NDSU’s Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) recently received state funding to develop new Professional Development classes for K-12 educators in North Dakota, and regional areas, through the North…

In this presentation and blog post, Lori Sweeney offers important considerations about different kinds of assessments. When we first think of assessment, we tend to think of tests, but there are many…

In the past, I have written here about how to take care of yourself during the pandemic.  As co-chairs of the mental health committee of the President’s Council for Campus Well-being, Emily Fraizer…

Learn simple ways faculty can promote their student's health and well-being.

How do you maintain the integrity of your tests while using the HyFlex model? Let our experts provide you with some strategies.

The NDSU Bookstore asks for your help to stay in compliance with this law.

Food insecurity is a real situation happening on our campus, read more about one student affected by food insecurity.

Learn tips and tricks for using Zoom as a teaching tool.

Find out how you can you make your class discussion boards more interactive.

Take away a variety of tips and tricks beginning with assessments.

Learn more about the Human Development and Family Science department's approach to program assessment.

Tammy Cummings provides important information for managing your HyFlex course.

Our graduate student's reflection on the latest book she is reading that addresses the research surrounding how we learn. Learn some new tips.

Come find out who won the Advancing Inclusion Award this year.

The Equity and Inclusion is coming up, find out when.

Graduate student, Amy Tichy, writes about the science of learning and what you need to know.

Sharley Kurtz and Daniel Erichsen explain where to begin with HyFlex teaching.

If you plan to teach in any institution of higher education, register for this program and give yourself a competitive advantage.

Learn more about how instructors can support their students' research.

If you are an avid reader of our blog, find out what is happening with our blog, here.

If you are a K-12 professional and are having difficulty with our website, please read the following message.

Take the next step to improving your teaching by working with a peer teaching partner. Learn more.

Share your knowledge and expertise with K-12 teachers during the Fall 2020 Virtual Educators Conference.

Read the takeaways from one of the first participants in NDSU's Leadership Development Program. Find out if you are eligible.

Join us for this NDSU specific training on the HyFlex teaching model.

If you are a Respondus user, you must update your activation password. Continue reading to learn how. >>

Find out when you can get assistance with your technology-related questions.

Learn how to delete or reduce coursework without affecting the course outcomes.

Read ideas for incorporating flexibility into your remote learning class.

Learn four strategies to help your students better cope with remote learning during these uncertain times.

Learn how you can help students cope better during these uncertain times.

Read about strategies for managing an overwhelming amount of student emails.

Is NDSU getting close to achieving its goal of 100% Course Material Reporting? Find out here.

Read suggestion #2 to better assist students during these uncertain times.

Learn suggestions to better assist students during these challenging times.

What do supervisors need to know during COVID-19?

Did you know - ALL COURSES at NDSU must have course materials on file with the NDSU Bookstore?

Now, more than ever, it is important for us faculty and staff to watch our for signs of distress in our students. How do we do that with remote learning. Read this article for some tips.

The much anticipated K-12 Summer Professional Development brochure is now available. Read more about how you can help spread the word.

One thing is certain, COVID-19 has thrown everyone some uncertain times. How do you care for yourself in these uncertain times? Continue reading for some tips.

Still needing assistance in adjusting to remote teaching, here are some resources.

The instructional design team is here to assist you with all your questions about offering your classes online.

Learn how you can provide financial assistance to NDSU students in need.

Read more about what our Shadow a Student Challenge participants learned about student connections at NDSU.

Learn how you can provide your students with FREE access to digital materials.

I hope, by now, in reading this series of stories about the Shadow a Student Challenge, you’ve noticed each administrator views their experience from a slightly different angle. It is fitting that we…

Ever wonder why being an authentic instructor is important, continue reading to find out more.

Read more about COVID-19 and communication from Office of Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Tim O. Peterson first learned about the Shadow a Student Challenge by accident, though you could also describe the opportunity as chance, meant-to-be, or fate. This post could easily not have…

The NDSU Group Decision Center software can assist you with process improvements. Schedule a meeting today!

The experience gained from shadowing a student can be tremendously helpful in understanding who today’s students are and what challenges they face. For research, creative activity, and outreach,…

Due to the recent cold weather and related school closures, the Avenues of Scientific Discovery event has been rescheduled.

NDSU teaching assistants are invited to participate in upcoming discussions. Learn about what topics will be covered >>

Mindfulness is the word I think of as I reflect on my conversation with Dr. Rhonda Kitch, NDSU registrar, about her experience shadowing an NDSU student for a day. When Kitch was first approached…

Dr. Scott Pryor, associate dean for undergraduate programs in the College of Engineering, shadowed a third-year mechanical engineering student, Mariah Rose. Rose also works as an administrative…

Some say that if you go to a conference and pick up just one good idea, the conference was worth it. The idea to shadow students at NDSU began as a small seed of an idea picked up at the Governors…

Learn how the zone of proximal development can have an impact on your teaching.

Learn more about teaching while sharing teaching challenges and victories. Join the NEW Teaching Assistant Learning Community today.

Learn why working with the new instructional design team can enhance your teaching.

Students will internalize the expectations and labels placed upon them by their instructor and they will, in turn, self-fulfill those expectations, whether positive or negative. From the We Learn…

You have an exceptional teaching topic that is applicable to a lot of k-12 teachers. You believe it might be a valuable professional development opportunity for teachers regionally and nationally, but…

Learn how much faculty helped students save on course materials this fall semester.

The Office of Teaching and Learning seeks graduate students (individuals or groups) to assist in coordinating Avenues of Scientific Discovery, a one-day event held February 13, 2020. This annual…

What do you do with the negative feedback you receive? Keep reading for some solid advice.

Encourage your teaching assistants to actively participate today!

How do your expectations impact your students? Learn more.

Which innovative teacher deserves to be recognized? Learn about the award.

How do you handle small group learning? Learn more.

Offer a workshop to help regional high school students learn about your scientific field of study.

Why is it important to know why you teach?

Survey data is important, read this before the semester is over.

A website designed to understand the learning needs of Veterans.

Apply for the Peer Teaching Partnership program today!

Now is the time to apply for admission to the spring semester College Teaching Certificate program.

I throw out my notes after every semester, and start a completely new set the next semester. That way, the material is fresh and I can use new case studies. After all, the world changes every day!

Learn how the Blackboard Rubrics tool provides increased grading efficiency.

The NDSU Group Decision Center offers virtual meetings for FREE to NDSU departments and organizations. All meetings include the use of new MeetingSphere software, expert facilitation, planning…

You might not realize it, but several of the students sitting in your class might be...

Responding to student writing can be both time-consuming and frustrating, this workshop will help simplify that process.

Download the new YuJa app for a better experience today.

How do you use documentaries in your classes?

Overwhelm and burnout are a real hazards, especially in academia. To quote Sherrie Bourg Carter in Psychology Today, burnout is a ‘state of chronic stress’ and can lead to:


1. Physical and…

How to maintain your enthusiasm when the middle of semester demands are getting the best of you.

Learn why learning goals are important for your course.

A growth mindset is motivational. Find out how to foster this mindset in your students.

Learn what active learning is and how to incorporate it into your class, even if your class has 300 students.

Learn how to use podcasting in your class.

It is important to know and address learning gaps in your class.

Designed to give university faculty and staff things to consider in supporting the success of student veterans at their institution.

Learn why it is important to explain why students are given an assignment.

Join this faculty learning community, provide your expertise and learn from other faculty.

Learn how to effectively work with English Language Learners (ELL).

Learn one of the best techniques for getting students talking in your class.

Allan Ashworth, NDSU University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of geology, has been selected by the Geological Society of America to receive the Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Section’s…

Want a concept to stick with your students, try this idea.

Learn why selecting a textbook for your course needs to be done well before the start of the semester.

Every once in a while we are presented with an unexpected surprise in our work. These past two years have become my unexpected surprise. “What is it that has been so surprising?” you ask.

Learn the fundamentals of teaching at the collegiate-level.

What college students want from their instructor.

This advice may seem drastic but if this instructor can do it, so can you.

Perspectives from first-generation students about the things we do to help them feel like they belong and can succeed.

Lighten your teaching load using ACE to your advantage.

Find out how you and your students can use the Group Decision Center in your research for FREE.

Learn 5 ways your students will improve using SCALE-UP.

The one thing that all teachers should do starting on day one of class.

A new workshop series about teaching your class online.

An active learning exercise started by Birgit Pruess, professor of microbiological sciences, in the Gateways ND program recently was published in CourseSource.

Of the studies reviewed, there were several recurring components that were found to be a part of having a successful first day of class.

New graduate students, we are coming to visit with you.

Join the Fall Semester 2019 group of Peer Teaching Partners.

This might be your last chance to be a part of Gateways-ND.

Kara Falk teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the NDSU School of Nursing. Her graduate courses include healthcare delivery systems, finance and informatics as well as practicum courses for…

NDSU professor receives Global Food Security Award

Ken Hellevang, interim chair of NDSU’s agricultural and biosystems engineering department, has received the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 2019 Sukup Global Food Security…

Kendall Swanson, professor of animal sciences, will be the 2019 recipient of the American Feed Industry Association Award in Ruminant Nutrition Research.

Last fall, Carrie Anne Platt, an associate professor of communications, did something unusual. She shadowed three undergraduates around the campus of North Dakota State University, each for a day, to…

The Nice Center in the NDSU College of Business has announced the 2019 Nice faculty fellows.

Jessica Jensen, associate professor and department head of emergency management, was honored with the Dr. B. Wayne Blanchard Award for Academic Excellence in Emergency Management Higher Education. She…

Kendall Swanson, professor of animal sciences, will be the 2019 recipient of the American Feed Industry Association Award in Ruminant Nutrition Research.

Kara Falk teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the NDSU School of Nursing. Her graduate courses include healthcare delivery systems, finance and informatics as well as practicum courses for…

Somnath Banerjee, assistant professor of marketing, is featured in a WalletHub story on American Express credit cards.

Brad Strand is educator who believes in the full potential of each of his students. He is a nationally recognized authority on physical education curriculum and sports-related research, and his…

Jessica Jensen’s career focuses on how we prepare and respond to emergencies, disasters and catastrophes. She has been a tenure-track faculty member at NDSU since 2011.

Susan Ray-Degges, professor and interior design program coordinator, has been named a fellow of the American Society of Interior Designers. It is the society’s highest honor, with less than 1 percent…

Jessie Rock teaches introductory geology labs, physical geology labs and Earth Through Time geology labs. She uses NDSU’s extensive collections of minerals ...

NDSU Residence Life has announced two faculty members will participate in the Faculty in Residence Program. They are Ryan...

Loren Baranko brings enthusiasm, fun and a love for her industry to the classroom.

Anne Eliason teaches maternity nursing and clinicals and interprofessional education for the NDSU School of Nursing at Sanford Health in Bismarck. During her career, she has built a reputation as a…

Clay Routledge teaches cultural psychology and experimental social psychology. He runs an active laboratory where students can be involved in all aspects of psychological research, conduct their own…

Kolby Schaeffer Fraase loves to teach, and it shows in her personable, one-on-one style of instruction. She teaches the Nursing Skills Lab in the NDSU School of Nursing to help future nurses become…

Hilliard's dietetics students work on hands-on projects like personal nutrition blogs and case studies. Read how Hilliard brings energy and humor into the classroom.

Senay Simsek, professor of plant sciences, along with research specialists Kristin Whitney and Nathan Haugrud and graduate students Jane Snelling and Aslihan Unuvar were welcomed to a class taught by…

The 2018 Early Career Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Keerthi Nawarathna. Nawarathna, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Gateways-ND…

Dr. Donald Johnson, NDSU OTL Gateways-ND participant, was recently named Outstanding History Teacher by the North Dakota Society Daughters of Colonial Wars. Congratulations Dr. Johnson! Read more >>

NDSU’s new Office of Teaching and Learning is scheduled to open July 1. The office’s role is to support the creation of student-centered, innovative educational programs and provide professional…

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