A personalized teaching program.

Peer Teaching

As with any academic field, the scholarship of teaching and learning informs our understanding of what works in the classroom. We know that observing each other in the classroom, and discussing it with others, is a great way to become a better teacher. This program aims to get NDSU faculty and teaching staff involved in those observations and discussions.

The Peer Teaching program has evolved over the years beginning with a Peer Review of Teaching then progressing to a Peer Teaching Partnership. The program has once again been revised to add an additional track that allows for use of peer teaching documentation in your promotion, tenure, and evaluation (PTE) portfolios.



Peer Teaching Postcard
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Distribute this card at your next faculty or graduate teaching assistant meeting. 




Track 1: Formal – Peer Teaching Review

With the Peer Teaching Review (PTR) option, participants will be matched with a senior faculty member trained in formal pedagogy review.

You will work with an assigned full professor in selected activities, which will include a review of the course syllabus, discussions of teaching methods, multiple classroom observations (minimum of 2), meetings for pre- and post-observation analyses, and discussions on the best practices of assessing student learning.

Upon completing Track 1, you will receive a formal PTR report for promotion, tenure, and evaluation (PTE) portfolios and for career promotion purposes. 

Download Syllabus Review Guide >>  Microsoft Word  |  PDF  |  Audio (MP3)
Download Observation Guide >>  Microsoft Word  |  PDF  |  Audio (MP3)


Track 2: Informal – Peer Teaching Partnership

The Peer Teaching Partnership (PTP) is similar to the program that has been offered by OTL in recent years, where you are partnered with other teaching faculty members and instructional staff at NDSU to evaluate each other’s teaching.

The PTP is an open and personalized teaching partnership between peers that aims to improve individual teaching effectiveness through productive and discreet feedback.

Upon completing Track 2, you, and your matched partner(s), have the option to provide a formal letter to document your partner’s teaching and improvement efforts, or partners can use this opportunity as an informal professional development opportunity. The decision to write teaching support letters is decided within individual partnerships.

Download Syllabus Review Guide >>  Microsoft Word  |  PDF  |  Audio (MP3)
Download Observation Guide >>  Microsoft Word  |  PDF  |  Audio (MP3)



Applicants will hear from the Peer Teaching Program coordinator a few weeks after the application deadline. During that time we are working through the process of matching participants.

Application deadline for Spring Semester 2024 is January 5, 2024.

Application deadline for Fall Semester 2024 is September 6, 2024.

Application deadline for Spring Semester 2025 is January 10, 2025.

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