Adults and youth are encouraged to participate in one of our annual learning events.


Adults and youth are encouraged to participate in one of our annual learning events. The following events are held on an annual or semi-annual basis and offer skill development and life-long learning opportunities for individuals in a variety of subject areas. 

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Avenues of Scientific Discovery

Showcasing different scientific fields of study allows middle school and high school students to experience what science is all about in higher education and the real world. 

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Book Clubs

Join one of these instructional book clubs.

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Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)

Learn with and from a group of your peers.

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Improving Classroom Climate via Physical Activity

Learn best-practices for movement integration across various contexts including classrooms, lecture halls, and online spaces as well as strategies to include all students.

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Refresher Courses

A series of short courses to refresh your skills in a specific teaching topic.

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STEM Kids Camps

Ignite a passion or fuel your child's passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classes by registering your student in grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 for these hands-on learning camps. 

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Student Perspective on Student-Centered Classes

Hear from a panel of students about their experience in a student-centered class. 

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Teaching and Learning Conference

An mini-conference addressing current teaching and learning topics for instructors, staff, and graduate teaching assistants. This conference is offered annually just after spring semester ends.

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Webinar: Engaging Students

A live webinar on how to engage your students.

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Webinar: Equitable Environments

A live webinar on how to engage your students using inclusive teaching practices.

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Webinar: Role of Metacognition

A live webinar on the role of metacognition in higher education.

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Wizarding Academy

Wizarding Academy is magical themed day camp in which 4th through 9th graders are sorted into Houses, play muggle Quidditch, test their Harry Potter knowledge with trivia and quizzes, receive OWL post from your favorite Harry Potter characters, and compete for the House Cup.

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Calendar of Events

The OTL calendar offers information on all upcoming events as well as dates and deadlines for our various programs. You can access the calendar using this link or you can follow the instructions below to learn how to subscribe to the OTL calendar using the web version of Microsoft Outlook 365 calendar. Once the calendar is set up in the web version it will be available on your desk top version of Microsoft Outlook. 

Why Subscribe To The OTL Calendar?

Subscribing to the OTL calendar is easy and offers the following benefits.

  • Have access to OTL events and deadlines without going to the website.
  • Have all your events listed in one calendar system.
  • Hide the OTL calendar when you only want to view your personal events.
  • Get reminders for upcoming events. 
  • Get updates when new events are listed. 
How To Subscribe To The OTL Calendar

This video tutorial shows you how to quickly and easily subscribe to the OTL calendar using the web version of your Microsoft Outlook 365 calendar. 

Note: Be sure to use the subscribe feature rather than adding the .ICS calendar file to your calendar. As a calendar subscriber you can toggle OTL events on and off to easily view your own calendar dates and deadlines. In addition, the OTL calendar automatically gets updated in your subscription. 

Here are the basic steps:

Once you have subscribed to the OTL calendar, you can save events you plan to attend from the OTL Calendar to your personal calendar. Watch this page for an upcoming tutorial on how to do that.

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