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The Office of Teaching and Learning offers a group of educational experts and affiliated faculty and staff who work with you to develop successful programs from your ideas. It is also a supportive place to find assistance to better your teaching. Our reach is broad, encompassing all subject areas and interdisciplinary approaches to education.

Communicating with our broad audience is essential to serving our mission of sharing best practices. If you are interested in our programs and services we encourage you to subscribe to our Information Link System. We also invite you to share your information through our Information Link System by submitting your events, news, tips, and more.




Creating and sharing best practices to enhance inclusive learning and teaching.



Teaching excellence for improved learning.



The Office of Teaching and Learning believes that good teaching practices support student success and great teachers commit to professional change. We provide an introduction to, and training in, teaching models that enhance student learning.  Engaging students in the learning process produces better results.

In addition, we believe:

  • Collaboration is an essential element in maximizing improvement of student learning. Collaboration enables OTL to do more than it could do alone. It also allows us to be aware of the needs of our internal and external stakeholders, meeting their educational needs through campus-based professional development and our division of Distance and Continuing Education for K-12 educators.
  • Inclusivity is a university-level initiative, and OTL recognizes the importance of ensuring all classrooms use practices that intentionally create an environment of belonging that meet the needs of all learners.
  • Diversity goes hand-in-hand with inclusivity, assuring multiple perspectives and voices are represented in designing educational experiences and deliberate inclusion of diverse individuals in these experiences.
  • Excellence is the constant goal of both the work of OTL and the instructional practices of the educators we serve. Excellence is not an endpoint but rather an opportunity for continuous improvement.
  • Innovation refers to ongoing shift of best-practices as research evolves. It also refers to the importance of knowing the educational needs of stakeholders and identifying the best ways to meet those needs.

Together we invigorate the teaching mission of North Dakota State University. 


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