Guiding the office through the next five years.

Strategic Plan

Thank you to all who provided input through the variety of listening sessions with our key stakeholders throughout the years. We value your input and strive to achieve the goals and priorities set forth in each new strategic plan. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact Dr. Stacy Duffield


2021 - 2026 Strategic Plan

During the strategic planning process, both internal and external stakeholders noted many positive qualities of OTL, with customer service (competence, friendliness, and responsiveness) offered by the staff emerging as a theme.

  • For external stakeholders, the variety and quality of professional development offerings was stated repeatedly, as was the willingness of the staff to accommodate their needs.
  • For internal stakeholders, there was appreciation for the events held to support instructors in improving their practice.

Collaboration was noted by all groups as a strength and a way to make a greater impact.

More highlights from the strategic plan are listed below.

View the full plan here.



Strategic Planning Group

The NDSU OTL strategic planning group consisted of three groups of stakeholders, representing both internal and external stakeholders, to ensure broad representation of perspectives and ideas.

The groups included:

  • OTL staff;
  • NDSU faculty, administrators and students; and
  • K-12 educators.

See the full document for a list of participants. The goal was to hear from the individuals who use OTL services to determine if OTL is meeting their needs and what other activities they would like to see from OTL. Hearing OTL’s strengths and weaknesses allows OTL staff to plan to address these concerns and to better meet the needs of OTL’s audience. 



Based on the SWOT Analysis results, three strategic priorities were identified that support the mission and vision of OTL. 

  1. Support improvement of NDSU student learning
  2. Offer high quality professional development for K-12 educators
  3. Provide value-focused community education opportunities




2016-2021 Strategic Plan

During its second year of existence, the NDSU Office of Teaching and Learning completed its first strategic plan that guided the organization through 2021.  

View the full plan here. 


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