Panel Discussions

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Panel Discussions

Attending a panel discussion is a great way to learn what a variety of people think about a topic. If you or your department would like to offer a panel discussion related to teaching and learning, please contact the Office of Teaching and Learning

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Past Panel Discussions Offered

Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

In this discussion panelists spoke about what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how it is currently being used in the classroom. You will learn opportunities and ways to begin effectively using AI in your classroom. You may have heard about AI technologies like ChatGPT, which have value in certain arenas, but can present challenges in other arenas. New technology often brings challenges and this panel will address some of the challenges they have seen or anticipate seeing with the growth in use of AI technologies. Panelists provide information on additional technology tools that facilitate alternative assessments that are AI resistant. Also learn what NDSU's current AI policies and best practices are.

Panelists Include:

  • Dr. Anne Denton, professor in the Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Jen Li, professor in the Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Jake Glower, professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Ali Amiri, assistant professor of practice in the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Ivan Lima, associate professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Ademola Amida, instructional designer in the Learning & Applied Innovation Center
  • Dr. Holly Hassel, professor in the Department of English

The panel was moderated by Dr. Stacy Duffield, OTL director.

Supporting and Retaining Generation Z Students

In this discussion student panelists will talk about ways you can support Generation Z students in your classroom. 

Student Panelists Include:

  • Kaylee Weigel
  • Zoe McKinven
  • Briana Nguyen
  • Olivia Leingang

The panel is moderated by Dr. Stacy Duffield, OTL director.

Supporting Students' Mental Health

Thursday, March 21, 2024
2:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Via Zoom

In this discussion panelists will talk about how instructors can support the mental health needs of their students. 

Panelists Include:

  • Marsha Wichmann
  • Madison Schill
  • Austin Williams
  • Riley Gira
  • Dr. Bill Burns

The panel is moderated by Dr. Jodi Tangen, OTL faculty fellow.

Inclusive Classroom Practices

Five NDSU faculty and staff attended the 2023 Antiracist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum Institute hosted by St. Cloud State University. Those who attended are facilitating a panel discussion related to antiracist pedagogy and its application at NDSU. Panelists will share their understanding and practices of antiracist pedagogy and answer questions for faculty who are interested in, new to, and experienced with antiracist pedagogy. 

The panel is moderated by Dr. Stacy Duffield, OTL director.

Panelists Include:
Dr. Jessica Danielson

Dr. Jessica Danielson (she/her) is an assistant professor in Counselor Education. More specifically, she is the clinic director of NDSU Community Counseling Services within the program. Her research interests are centered on feminist issues and participatory action research.  

Dr. Kendra Greenlee

Dr. Kendra Greenlee (she/her) is a professor in Biological Sciences.

Jamee Larson

Jamee Larson (she/her) is a senior lecturer in the English department, where she teaches primarily creative writing and freshman composition. She is also heavily involved with student groups on campus, and her primary interests center around issues of social justice, equity, and helping students find and embrace their unique voices. She has a MFA degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead.    

Other Presenters
  • Dr. Hollie Mackey
  • Dr. Amanda Cordova
  • Emily Vieweg
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