These major programs offer a variety of events, services, degrees, and training opportunities.


The Office of Teaching and Learning works with NDSU Faculty and staff to create, implement, and assess programs that actively involve students in learning as the road to success. We have six major programs that offer a variety of events, services, degrees, and training opportunities. Each of the following programs operates under the Office of Teaching and Learning and relates, in some way, to teaching and learning.


College Teaching Certificate

Provides a structured program in pedagogy for graduate students who plan to teach in a college or university or individuals who already have a graduate degree and work on campus.

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Distance & Continuing       Education (DCE)

Serves the educational needs of our region's K-12 teachers through professional development classes and place-bound students through online degree programs.

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Gateways-ND NSF Grant

A National Science Foundation-funded project that focuses on developing expertise in active learning in STEM faculty at NDSU. The program examines relationships between student and faculty attitudes and success in the STEM classroom.

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Graduate Teaching                 Assistant Resources

Resources for Graduate Teaching Assistants including an annual conference for teaching assistants (TAs) and learning communities geared specifically to the needs of TAs.

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Group Decision Center (GDC)

Skilled facilitators use MeetingSphere technology to provide group facilitation services to assist focus groups, strategic planning, problem solving, decision-making, and consensus building. Provides professional support for Qualtrics survey software for FREE at NDSU.

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Peer Teaching Partnership

Connects faculty members who have a desire to improve their teaching and their students’ learning. Participants set goals, share syllabi, observe their partner’s class, thoughtfully consider their teaching philosophy and practice, and discuss critiques.

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Program Sponsorship

Sponsorship for programs/events may be available through the Office of Teaching and Learning for programs and events that meet certain teaching and learning criteria. The Office of Teaching and Learning may provide monetary support for programs and events which have a broad audience/impact. Support in the form of staff assistance is also available. Staff assistance may include help with event logistics, registration, and promotional support. View a list of events OTL has supported in the past.


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