Innovation in Teaching Award

NDSU faculty and instructional staff are successfully using innovative instructional techniques across campus. Innovative instruction promotes student learning and success at NDSU, and we want to recognize the instructors who make this difference for our students. Do you know an instructor who deserves recognition for their efforts to improve teaching and learning on campus? Nominate them for our new monthly Innovation in Teaching Award. 

The Office of Teaching and Learning has established this monthly Innovation in Teaching Award to expand recognition and awareness of instructors who are successfully using innovative teaching strategies. This award recognizes an individual who has exhibited creativity to elicit high levels of student engagement and learning in their classroom environment.

Nominations can be made by any member of the NDSU community. We will select one nominee each month to recognize. The award recipient will receive special recognition from the President's office along with a small gift to brighten their day. All nominees for this monthly award will be entered to win one of several $100 gift cards to be drawn at our annual Teaching and Learning Conference. Nominees must be at the event virtually or in person to receive one of the gift cards. 

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Previous Award Recipients

This annual award has evolved over the last few years. The award was established in 2021 as a way to recognize instructors who were successfully implementing the HyFlex method of teaching that accompanied the pandemic. The following year (2022) the award was renamed the Innovation in Teaching Award and was intended to recognize instructors who were successfully using a variety of innovative instructional strategies. The award evolved once again the following year (2023) to offer a way to recognize more instructors who use innovative instructional strategies and became a monthly award that culminates in an end of the year award selected from one of the many nominees throughout the previous year.  

Though the name of the award has changed, the spirit of innovative instruction is the thread that binds each year's recipients. All previous year's recipients are listed below.

Monthly Recipients

December 2022
  • Danielle Condry, assistant professor of practice in microbiological science
  • Jessica Vold, assistant professor in mechanical engineering
  • Maxx Kureczko, lecturer in mathematics
November 2022
  • Abigail Burkett Vetter, assistant professor of practice in the School of Nursing
  • Adam Marx, associate professor in the School of Education
  • Adnan Akyuz, professor of climatological practice
  • Alex Radermacher, lecturer of computer science
  • Cassie Keogh, assistant professor of music
  • Charlette Moe, associate professor of music and assistant director of choral activities
  • Christi McGeorge, professor of human development and family science
  • Christopher Byrd, assistant professor of animal sciences
  • Curt Doetkott, consulting statistician in Information Technology
  • Dane Mataic, assistant professor of sociology
  • Dena Wyum, senior lecturer of human development and family science
  • Eric Gjerdevig, lecturer of management and marketing
  • G. Nazari, lecturer of mechanical engineering
  • Gregory Cook, professor and chair of chemistry and biochemistry
  • Heath Wing, assistant professor of Spanish
  • Heidi Eukel, associate professor of pharmacy practice
  • Holly Hassel, professor of English
  • Jack Norland, associate professor in the School of Natural Resource Sciences
  • Janet Page, assistant professor of mathematics
  • Jennifer Momsen, professor of biological sciences
  • Jenny Linker, associate professor of health, nutrition and exercise sciences
  • JoAnn Miller, University Distinguished Professor of music and director of choral activities
  • Jodi Tangen, assistant professor of counselor education
  • Julie Ketterling, assistant professor of practice in the School of Nursing
  • Kaitlyn Bock, doctoral graduate teaching assistant in criminal justice
  • Kate Tulibaski, assistant professor of practice in the College of Business
  • Kerrie Honrath, lecturer of health, nutrition and exercise sciences
  • Kimberly Booth, assistant professor of practice in biological sciences
  • Lisa Christenson, associate professor of practice in veterinary technology
  • Martin Coleman, associate professor of practice in psychology
  • Maxx Kureczko, lecturer of mathematics
  • MIla Kryjevskaia, associate professor of physics
  • Pinjing Zhao, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry
  • Rachel Richman, senior lecturer of microbiological sciences
  • Sarah Crary, assistant professor in the School of Education
  • Stacey Ostby, lecturer and vet technologist in animal science
  • Stephen Disrud, lecturer in modern languages
  • Thomas Gustad, instructor in microbiological sciences
  • Wang Danling, assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering

Annual Recipients


2022 Innovation in Education Award: 
Small Enrollment


Sara Berger
School of Nursing, MSN, RN-BC, CNE


2022 Innovation in Education Award:
Large Enrollment


Tori Rude
Department of Pharmacy Practice

2022 Nominees

Congratulations to all the nominees for the 2022 Innovation in Teaching Award! Individuals listed are the nominees for the small and large enrollment award categories.

  • Alexey Leontyev; Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Allison Hursman; Department of Pharmacy Practice
  • Heidi Eukel; Department of Pharmacy Practice
  • Lisa Richter; Department of Pharmacy Practice
  • Sara Berger; School of Nursing
  • Stephanie Lemmer; Department of English
  • Tori Rude; Department of Pharmacy Practice




2021 Innovation in HyFlex Teaching Award:
Small Enrollment


Dr. Nathan Wood
School of Education

View Award Video >>





2021 Innovation in HyFlex Teaching Award:
Large Enrollment


Dr. Laura Thomas
Psychology Department

View Award Video >>

2021 Nominees

The nominees listed are for both the Innovation in HyFlex Teaching and Inspiring Colleague awards:

  • Beena Ajmera
  • Enrique Alvarez
  • Kimberly Booth
  • Amitava Chatterjee
  • Sajad Ebrahimi
  • Rasha Hendawi
  • Ben Laabs
  • Stanley Ng
  • Paul Omernik
  • Mary Pearson
  • Fred Riggins
  • Jessie Rock
  • Ellen Schwarz
  • Lauren Singelmann
  • Brad Strand
  • Mark Strand
  • Ryan Striker
  • Laura Thomas
  • Cheryl Wachenheim
  • Nate Wood
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