Group Work

Getting students to work successfully in a group is not only important for your class, but it is an integral skill your students must learn for today's work environments. Learn specific strategies you can teach your students to use during their group work experiences. Using these strategies your students will be more engaged in the learning, feel a sense of responsibility for their portion of the work, and understand how to work with difficult individuals. 

The strategies and resources listed here are part of the Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education Instructional series.

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In this instructional video NDSU staff offer information on Universal Design for Learning with a specific emphasis on group work. This video addresses challenges, strategies, and expected outcomes. 

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Here is a list of resources for designing your group work activities with diverse students of all abilities in mind.

Planning Resources



FlipGrid: The Versatile Tool You Should Be Using in Your Class

FlipGrid is a technology platform that has incredible versatility and can be used to achieve diverse course goals, such as promoting effective learning strategies, supporting assessment practices, and fostering community.

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Constructing System Models to Bolster Threshold Concept Mental Model Accuracy

Research on systems thinking and modeling as a means of facilitating physiology core concept integration into student mental models. Mental models work best in group settings.

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