Course Evaluation

View the resources below that guide you in using evaluation data and help you determine whether or not your learning experience meets quality and consistency standards. If you are in need of ideas to improve your course, be sure to take advantage of our FREE Instructional Coaching service

Student Course Experience Surveys

Prior to the end of your course term, you will receive a link, by email, to the online evaluation for your course. This email will include step-by-step instructions for how to link the evaluation to your Blackboard course website. All evaluations include the six standard university questions.

You may want to offer a statement that the Student Course Experience Survey (SCES) results are anonymous to encourage hesitant responders to fill out the survey. Here is a statement you might include when sending the link out to your students. "All SCES are set to be anonymous by our campus Qualtrics expert, so no email addresses, IP addresses, or GPS locations appear in the results. In addition, all SCES results are not distributed to departments until after grades have been submitted. Departments do not know who responded to the SCES. So go ahead and answer those student course experience surveys with confidence."

For questions about your survey, contact the NDSU Group Decision Center at 701-231-6414.



Learn more about Student Course Experience Surveys (SCEs) your students will be asked to complete at the end of the semester.

Video Resources

Feedback - Feedforward: Using Student Course Experience Survey Results

This instructional video presents the characteristics of effective feedback. By watching this video you will be able to identify how to address common barriers and pitfalls of providing feedback. Using your Student Course Experience Survey (SCES) results can save you time and raise the effectiveness of your class. Learn how to use the SCES results to help students meet learning targets and be more satisfied with their course experience. Takeaway strategies and tools for maximizing student learning.

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Faculty Certificate Course

Evaluating Quality Course Design (4-6 weeks – cohort or self-paced available)

Engages you with the fundamentals of quality course design. As an institution, we need to ensure quality and consistency in course design and the learning experiences we craft for our students. You will receive a certificate of completion for taking the course.

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