The designated provider of course material information for NDSU students. By law, the NDSU Bookstore is required to provide information on the courses offered and what materials will be used. Faculty must submit a list of all textbooks and materials required for their course, even if no textbooks are required. Course material expenses can be reduced for students when books and materials requests are turned in at least 8 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Items available through the NDSU Bookstore include:

Books and course materials are essential to our practice, so the VERBA course materials ordering software has put together several short videos regarding how to order books and materials for the classes you are teaching.  We have also included some valuable tips below.

Training Videos

Need a refresher on how to use the online submission tool? Take a few minutes and watch these helpful how-to videos:

If you have questions about ordering course materials for your class, contact the NDSU Bookstore

Course Material Ordering Tips

Tip 1: Reserve books at least eight weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Reserving your books/materials well in advance of the upcoming semester allows the NDSU Bookstore time to watch for the best deals on your books/materials. Those savings are passed on to students taking your class.

Tip 2: If you are short on time, use the Quick Adoption Form.

The Quick Adoption Form gives you the option to quickly enter your book/material information. However, you may want to choose the Faculty Login Adoption System, which remembers your textbook and material requests from previous semesters.  

Tip 3: Notify the NDSU Bookstore if you DO NOT require any books/materials for your class.

Notifying the NDSU Bookstore that you are not using any books/materials is easy. Complete the Quick Adoption Form and check the "No Text Required" box. The bonus is you eliminate unneccessary emails requesting your textbook reservations.

Tip 4: Remove Classes That Are Not Offered This Semester From the Campus Connection List.

Review all the classes listed under your department in Campus Connection each semester. Notify Registration and Records if there is a class that carried over from a previous semester but is not being offered this semester. Getting these classes removed from the course listing is important to maintain accuracy for a variety of reports the campus runs. It is also helpful for the Bookstore in determining if they have received information regarding all classes.

Phone: 1-800-428-8309 (toll-free) or 701-231-7761


Reminders for Students

If you have read our Teaching Tips booklet, you already know that little tips for students go a long way toward student retention in classes and at our school. What follows are a few tips and reminders you can provide your students about the textbook ordering process.

  1. Remind your students, when buying or renting textbooks from the NDSU Bookstore, they are guaranteed to have the right textbook down to the correct edition. 
  2. Send your students this link to the textbook buyback page at the NDSU Bookstore. This page allows students to look up their textbooks and see what dollar amount they might receive for their textbooks. 


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