Innovative Instruction for Gen Z Students

Explore teaching & assessment methods tailored for Gen Z.

Gen Z Students

Raised in a digital era, Gen Z students bring distinct learning needs and preferences to college classrooms, demanding a shift from traditional educational paradigms. These students are tech-savvy, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and seek a practical application of their studies. The challenge isn't just accommodating these traits but addressing the gap between traditional instructional methods and Gen Z's desire for authentic, meaningful learning experiences. With the ever-evolving influence of technological and societal changes, educators need to adjust. This video examines the changing educational landscape and explore teaching and assessment methods tailored for Gen Z. The aim is to not only understand this generation but to transform classrooms to truly engage and inspire them.

Gen Z has taken over college classrooms, prompting a critical reevaluation of traditional educational paradigms. Raised in a digital era brimming with instant information, they arrive on campus with distinct expectations and preferences for their learning journey. Gen Z students are tech-savvy, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and highly career-focused, often demanding a direct, practical application of their studies.

The primary challenge, however, isn't merely accommodating these characteristics. The crux of the issue is the gap between longstanding instructional methods and Gen Z's unique perspective on learning. They don't just seek knowledge; they want authentic and meaningful experiences that align with their entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic approach.

Understanding the profound technological and societal changes that shape their viewpoint, it's crucial for educators to adapt. In this webinar, we will explore this shifting educational terrain and examine innovative teaching methods and assessment techniques uniquely suited for Gen Z students. By focusing on strategies that leverage their unique strengths, faculty can bridge the divide between traditional pedagogy and the expectations of the digital generation. The goal isn't just to understand Gen Z but to reshape our classrooms in a way that resonates, engages, and inspires them.


  • Identification and Analysis of Gen Z Learning Characteristics: By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to identify and describe the key characteristics and preferences of Gen Z learners, understanding the societal and technological influences that have shaped their approach to education.
  • Evaluation of Current Pedagogical Practices: Participants will critically assess existing teaching methodologies, pinpointing potential gaps and mismatches between traditional pedagogical practices and the needs and expectations of Gen Z students.
  • Implementation of Innovative Teaching and Assessment Techniques: Attendees will learn about and explore practical strategies, tools, and methods tailored to the Gen Z learner. They will be able to apply innovative teaching methods that harness Gen Z’s unique strengths, fostering a more engaging and meaningful educational experience.


B. Jean Mandernach, Ph.D

Executive Director // Center for Innovation in Research on Teaching
Grand Canyon University

B. Jean Mandernach's research focuses on enhancing student learning experiences in the online classroom through innovative instructional and assessment strategies. She explores strategies for integrating efficient online instruction in a manner that maximizes student learning, satisfaction, and engagement. In addition, she has interests in innovative faculty development and evaluation models, teaching and learning analytics, emergent instructional technology, and faculty workload considerations. Mandernach is an active researcher, author, presenter, and consultant in the field of online education.


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