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NDSU Bookstore's Goal is 100% Course Material Reporting for Summer and Fall Semesters

Is NDSU getting close to achieving its goal of 100% Course Material Reporting? Find out here.

Did you know - ALL COURSES at NDSU must have course materials on file with the NDSU Bookstore? If students aren't required to purchase any materials, you still need to report that. We are more than halfway to the NDSU Bookstore's goal of 100% course materials reporting for summer and fall semesters. 

Currently for summer:

  • 34 of 80 departments are complete
  • Overall completion percentage is 63.5% (629 out of 990 sections)

Currently for fall:

  • 24 of 97 departments are complete
  • Overall completion percentage is 61.5% (2,227 out of 3,621 sections)

Can you help them achieve their 100% goal? If you have not already reported your course materials for summer and fall semesters, please do so as soon as possible. If you have questions about your course materials, contact the NDSU Bookstore for assistance.

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