Dining Internships

NDSU’s Internship Program facilitates experiential learning opportunities for students that integrate classroom knowledge with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. 

NDSU Dining offers a variety of internship opportunities where students get work experience related to their academic majors or career goals, while making money and receiving credit. 


Billie Lentz, Agricultural Economics
Marketing Intern
"NDSU Dining offers a unique experience to be able to work on campus with a diverse team, and continuous opportunities to learn and grow! This position offered me the ability to receive credit for work that I love to do, plus I loved being able to work on campus and get free meals while I work!" 


Savanna Hoekstra, Management Communications
Human Resources Intern
"The HR internship gave me a wide variety of valuable skills that I will be able to use far into my future career. The internship is focused on letting you, as the student, guide what you want to learn. I was interested in the recruitment side of HR and was able to work alongside professionals to plan and execute two job fairs!" 

Austin Braun, Accounting
Accounting Intern

"My Dining internship was very beneficial because I was able to get experience with different things such as accounts payable and P&L. It provided me the opportunity to use classroom learning in real life scenarios, and build my resume." 

Dining Internships

NEW WAGE INCREASE: $14.00/hour, with 10 meals per week
Schedule: At least 12 hours/week. Dining works with you to determine your schedule based on your class schedule and the amount of hours you need for your internship. 

IT Assistant / Computer Science Intern - Closed
This position works collaboratively with the Dining IT Team to develop and maintain various applications throughout Dining. 

HR Assistant / Intern - Closed
This position works collaboratively with the Staff Development Coordinator to recruit, onboard, and train new student employees.

Accounting Intern - Closed
This position assists with data entry, accounts payable, accounts receivable, IDBs, inter-department invoicing, invoicing, and end-of-month reconciliation. 

Questions? Contact:

matthew.henriksen@ndsu.edu | 701-231-9604

NDSU Career and Advising Center
ndsu.cac@ndsu.edu | 701-231-7111 | https://career-advising.ndsu.edu/internship-program/ 


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