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Want an on campus job with great pay, flexible hours, free food and awesome coworkers? Join Team Dining!

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Pay Increases

Positions start at $12-13/hour with opportunities for advancement and pay up to $15/hour.

Why work for Dining?

More than 200 students work at NDSU Dining – the largest student employer on campus. Why do students work at dining?  

  1. A variety of positions: From bakers to baristas to cooks and accounting. There is something for everyone.  
  2. NEW PAY INCREASE! Positions start at $12-13/hour with opportunities for advancement and raises up to $15/hour.
  3. Free food: A free meal with every shift!
  4. Friends: The best part of working in NDSU Dining is the people you’ll meet.  
  5. Convenience: No commute and schedules are flexible. 
  6. Advancement: Our robust training program coincides with advancement and increased pay.
  7. Professional Development: Grow in your communication, leadership skills, problem solving, teamwork and time management.

What our Students Say

“I like the environment and I look forward to coming to work. It feels like family rather than co-workers.” - Emily H. 

“I love being able to work on campus, and that NDSU Dining is flexible to my class schedule. I also love the free meals when I am done with my shift.”  - Tyler C.  

"Being a new student, I was very stressed about not knowing anyone. Once I started working at NDSU Dining, I began to meet new people and my stress level dropped.” - Parvina Y.  

“I never imagined this job would teach me so much. As a student manager, I gained valuable management experience and skills. Managing people will be a part of my post college career and having this experience makes me feel more confident entering the workforce. - Matt B. 


NDSU Dining offers a variety of internship opportunities where students get work experience related to their academic majors or career goals, while making money and receiving credit. 

Dining Internships

Where Can I Work? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions |  Cell/text: (701) 799-7918 | Office: (701) 231-1896

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