Food Allergies and Dietary Needs

At NDSU Dining, our goal is to provide an all-inclusive dining experience for our students. Our award-winning  program offers something for everyone and works hard to provide delicious and nutritionally balanced meals for any diet. Whatever your needs, we are available to help you meet your nutritional goals. 

New Incoming Students

Complete this form to inform our dietetics team of your needs. Our registered dietitian will reach out promptly with information about the resources available on campus and to answer any questions you have.   

Dietary Needs Form

West Dining Center

Clean Eats

The West Dining Center (WDC) is our designated allergen-friendly dining center on campus, providing students with sensitive diets the opportunity to eat fully prepared meals without worry. The Clean Eats station in West Dining Center serves a menu free from gluten and the top eight allergens: fish, shellfish, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, tree nuts and wheat/gluten. In fall 2022, Clean Eats will remove sesame from all menu offerings.

A separate mini fridge and cupboard with additional options is also available for students with food allergies in WDC near the Clean Eats station. 

Peanuts and Tree Nuts

The West Dining Center is our nut free dining center on campus. All items served at WDC do not contain peanuts or tree nuts.

Please note that NDSU's centralized production bakery is located in the lower level of the West Dining Center. Every effort is made to avoid cross contact with the upper-level West Dining Center, but they do use peanut and tree nut ingredients for other dining locations on campus.

Residence Dining Center

Allergy Free Options

Residence Dining Center (RDC) has a mini fridge stocked with gluten free bagels, cookies, bread, and hamburger buns. 

The Creation station also features items that can be made gluten free such as gluten free pizza, nachos, toasted sandwiches and pasta. This area is not completely free of gluten, so cross contact is possible, however these items are made upon request and can be customized to meet a variety of needs.

Additionally, the Grill station can make bun-free hamburgers, breakfast sandwiches and chicken if available, simply ask for yours to be made separately.    

Menu Labeling

The Dining website, mobile app and digital monitors provide labeling for allergens, gluten-free, pork, vegan and vegetarian dishes. View our labeling standards and considerations

Look for these icons in the dining centers: 


FishTree Nuts
PeanutsGluten Free

Menus on the Web

The NDSU Dining center menus, along with nutritional analysis, are available online at Menus on the Web. 

  1. Visit Menus on the Web. 
  2. Select a location. 
  3. Select a date. 
  4. Browse the general menu. Vegetarian items appear in green text and are identified with a green vegetarian icon. Gluten Free items are identified with a purple "GF" icon. Items containing peanuts or tree nuts are identified with an orange nut icon. 
  5. Click on the apples  for the complete menu
  6. Click on the names of items to view their nutritional label.

Using Menus on the Web you can also:

  • View the menu choices 10 days in advance to plan your meals. 
  • Create a nutritional analysis report by selecting your menu choices for the day.
  • Set allergen or preferences filters to display menu options to help manage your needs. 

Connect with Us

Students with special dietary needs are encouraged to set up a meeting with the Dining Dietitian to learn about the different options and accommodations available. Our staff is happy to answer questions regarding food preparation or ingredients at any time.

Hannah Prigge, Menu Management Coordinator, Dietitian
Phone:(701) 231-7222 Email:

Certifications & Awards

More than 30 NDSU Dining employees are AllerTrain U certified. This course is a manager level training course in managing food allergens and gluten in a cafeteria setting. AllerTrain U is an ANSI accredited training and meets state-specific training mandates.


Winner 2022 Best Allergy Innovation for Universities


North Dakota State University Dining makes every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies and intolerances. However, there is always a risk of cross contact. Additionally, manufacturers may update and change their product ingredients without our knowledge, we cannot be assured the validity of the products. Dining Services will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating at any University establishments. If needed, guests should carry an EpiPen with them at all times.

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