Your step-by-step guide to NDSU Dining Centers

1. Decide: You can eat at any dining center that best fits your needs. One way to choose is by location; which one are you closest to at meal times? You also can select based on the menu; each dining center serves something different. Check the NDSU Dining app and select a location based on your meal preference.

2. Access: Once you arrive at your dining center of choice, simply scan your NDSU ID card or scan your finger.

3. Select: Browse around and make your selections. We are a tray-free facility, so simply grab a plate/dish at the station you select. Utensils are placed in multiple places throughout the dining centers. Cups are near the beverages, and napkins are on each table.

4. Dine: Sit wherever you want.

5. Dash: Bring your dishes/cups/utensils to the dish return area.

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