Dining Center Process

We work hard to ensure the dining centers are clean and provide delicious food for the NDSU community. This year we have altered our practices in accordance with CDC guidelines and university policies. 

What You Can Expect from Us


What We Ask of You

Check out all of our the precautions Dining has implemented to mitigate the risk of covid-19 for our team members and guests. Also note that outside food and drink are not allowed in the dining centers.   

Your step-by-step guide to NDSU Dining Centers

Dine-In Process

1. Decide: You can eat at any dining center that best fits your needs. One way to choose is by location; which one are you closest to at meal times? You also can select based on the menu; each dining center serves something different. The NDSU Dining app will provide you the menu options, and provide live capacity percentages so you can avoid the busiest location. Click to view current occupancy. 

2. Mask up: Face coverings are required when you are not eating or drinking, this includes: in line at the entrance, while getting/selecting food and drinks, and bringing dishes to the dish return. 

3. Scan and Sanitize: Open the GET app on your phone, click the "scan card" icon, and scan the bar code to gain access to the dining center. Your NDSU ID card will also provide touch free access to the dining center. Then sanitize your hands at the touchless hand sanitizer stations at the entrance. Hand washing stations are also available. 

4. Select your Food: Browse around and make your selections. NDSU Dining team members will serve you from each station. Watch for directional signage that will point you in the right direction. When waiting in line, practice social distancing by standing 6 feet apart. Silverware will be provided at each station. 

5. Select your Drink: Beverage stations are now served by Dining team members! (Updated 10/16/2020) 

6. Dine: Sit wherever you want, but please do not move tables or chairs. Also, note the max capacity marked on each table. All guests are asked to limit their dine-in experience to 30 minutes. 

7. Dash: Reapply your face covering and bring your dishes/cups/utensils to the dish return area. Make sure to watch for directional signage that will guide you in and out!

Takeout Process

NEW this year, ALL THREE DINING CENTERS will offer meals to go! 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your delicious dining food to go!

  1. Tell the Dining team member at the cashier stand you'd like to take your meal to go before you tap your NDSU ID. 
  2. They will mark your meal as "to-go" and instruct you to tap your ID on the card scanner.
  3. Select your containers from the cashier.
    • You can select one 8x8, one 9x6 or both container sizes. You may also select a to-go beverage cup. To-go bowls and lids for soup or oatmeal are located at the service station.
  4. Go to your food station(s) of choice.
    • If you are at West, and want food from Clean Eats, visit this location first to help us avoid allergen cross contact. 
    • At each station, slide the container under the plexiglass and ask for your specific order. Dining team members will not touch your containers. 
  5. All food taken to go must fit inside your containers.
  6. NEW: Students with an unlimited dining plan will receive seven to-go meals per day, plus unlimited dine-in access within the reduced capacity guidelines.
    • [Daily To-Go Meals: 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Supper, 1 Late Night] 
  7. NEW: The 30-minute wait time between to-go and dine-in is no longer in effective. Students with any meal plan may eat in, then take a meal to-go immediately after. 
  8. Takeout Tips
    • Leftovers should be stored in a refrigerator at 40 degrees F or lower, and thrown out after three days or less. 
    • Perishable foods left a room temperature should be throw out after 2 hours. 

Dining Center Occupancy

Due to new guidelines and restrictions that help our campus mitigate the risk of COVID-19, Dining Center occupancy has been reduced. Our occupancy tracker allows you to see the busiest times so you can avoid lines and dine-in with friends. The busiest times are usually 12:30-1:30pm and 5:45-6:45pm on the weekends. If we are near max capacity, the tracker will show RED. This means food must be taken to-go, and there may be lines. If you would like to dine-in, please stop in before or after that time!

Occupancy Tracker

Download the NDSU Dining App to view occupancy in the palm of your hand! Simply open the app and swipe left!

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