Dining Center Process

Your step-by-step guide to NDSU Dining Centers

1. Decide: You can eat at any dining center that best fits your needs. One way to choose is by location; which one are you closest to at meal times? You also can select based on the menu; each dining center serves something different. The NDSU Dining app will provide you the menu options, hours, nutrition information and provide live capacity percentages if you want  to avoid lines.

2.Choose to Dine-in or Takeout: When you arrive at the dining center tell the cashier if you are enjoying your meal inside or to-go. Unlimited meal plan holders may take three meals to-go per day. 

3. Access: Your meal plan is loaded onto your NDSU ID, simply scan you ID card or use the GET mobile app.  

4. Select: Browse around and make your selections. We are a tray-free facility, so simply grab a plate/dish at the station you select. Utensils are available in multiple places throughout the dining centers. Cups are near the beverages, and napkins are on each table. 

5. Dine: Sit wherever you want. 

6. Dash: Bring your dishes/cups/utensils to the dish return area.

Takeout Process

All three dining centers on campus offer meals to go! 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your delicious dining food to go!

  1. Tell the Dining team member at the cashier stand you'd like to take your meal to go before you scan in.
  2. You'll receive one container and a to-go beverage cup, to-go bowls for soup or oatmeal are available upon request.
  3. Go to your food station(s) of choice.
    • If you are at West, and want food from Clean Eats, visit this location first to help us avoid allergen cross contact. 
    • At stations where staff are serving food, slide the container under the plexiglass and ask for your specific order. 
  4. All food taken to go must fit inside your containers, except for one piece of fruit or one dessert which can be outside of the container. 

Policies and Reminders

  • Students with an unlimited plan have the option to take 3 to-go meals per day. 
  • Any food that is not consumed immediately should be stored in a refrigerator at 40 degrees F or lower, and thrown out after three days or less. 
    • Perishable foods left at room temperature should be thrown out after 2 hours. 

Dining Center Capacity Tracker

Our capacity tracker allows you to see the busiest times so you can avoid lines and dine-in with friends. 

Download the NDSU Dining App to view occupancy in the palm of your hand! Simply open the app and swipe left!

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