Faculty/Staff & Affiliate Block Plans

Block plans allow staff, faculty, and affiliate partners to take advantage of the variety and convenience provided by NDSU Dining. From all-you-can-eat meals to quick and easy to-go options, save yourself time and money with a block plan. Plus, faculty/staff block plans do not expire and unused meal swipes roll over into the next academic year.  


Block plans can be used at ten locations:

  1. Residence Dining Center
  2. Union Dining Center
  3. West Dining Center
  4. Burgers @ the U - Food Court
  5. Hoagie Hut - Food Court
  6. Pizza Express - Food Court
  7. Twisted Taco - Food Court
  8. Barry Hall Coffee Shop
  9. Minard Hall Coffee Shop
  10. Wild Grounds Coffee Shop (NDSCS Skills Technology Building)

Block plans are purchased in increments of 25 meals. The more your buy, the more you save. Plan holders may use their meal passes for themselves and accompanying guests. Tax will be added to faculty, staff and affiliate purchases upon checkout. 

25 Block               $225.00 (9.00/meal)
50 Block               $425.00 (8.50/meal)
75 Block               $581.25 (7.75/meal)
100 Block             $700.00 (7.00/meal) ($7.25/meal starting July 1, 2020)

Purchase a Block Plan

NDSU staff, faculty, and affiliate partners can take advantage of NDSU Dining by purchasing block plans. Block plans do not expire and will roll over to the following academic year. 

Faculty and Staff Block Plans 

 Affiliate Block Plans

Block Plans at Barry Hall Coffee Shop and the Food Court

Block plans provide access to dining centers, and the ability to select from a wide variety of menu options at the food court, and the Barry Hall Coffee Shop.  Scroll below to see your options!

Pizza Express

  • One Entrée
    • 2 Slices, 1 topping or veggie pizza
    • Calzone, any flavor
  • Two Sides
    • Bottled Milk or Water
    • Large Soda
    • 24oz Icee
    • 1 Breadstick (cheese filled or pepperoni filled) 
    • 1 Garlic Toast (with or without cheese)
    • 2 scoop ice cream (any flavor)

Hoagie Hut

  • One Entrée
    • Sandwich 
    • Wrap
    • Entrée Salad
  • Two Sides
    • Bottled Milk, Water, or Juice
    • Large Soda
    • Cup of Soup
    • Bag of Chips
    • Piece of Fruit
    • Yogurt
    • Oh Snap Pickles
    • Bar
    • Focaccia Round

Add-ons (like extra meat, cheese, avocado, etc) are not included in this program.

Twisted Taco

  • One Entrée: All come with small chips and fresh made salsa or queso; Steak not included
    • Two Tacos 
    • Burrito 
    • Burrito Bowl 
    • Quesadilla 
    • Salad 
    • Twisted Nachos (additional side of chips/salsa/queso not included)
  • One Side:
    • Bottled Water
    • Fountain Soda
    • Churros 

Add-ons (like extra meat, cheese, avocado, etc) are not included in this program.

Burgers @ the U

Two Sides:

  • One Entrée:
    • Any Sandwich
    • Chicken Strips
  • Two Sides
    • Bottled Water, Milk or Juice
    • Large Soda
    • Fries
    • Scotcheroo Bar
    • Chips
    • Greek Yogurt
    • Hummus & Pretzels

Barry Hall Coffee Shop

  • One Entrée:
    • Signature Salad
    • Build Your Own Salad 
    • Wrap: Get your salad chopped and make it a wrap
    • Individual Pizza
    • Any Sandwich or Panini 
  • Two Sides:
    • Bag of Chips
    • Greek Yogurt
    • Bottle of Milk
    • Cup of Soup
    • Veggies & Dip
    • Bottle of Juice
    • Piece of Fruit
    • Hard Boiled Eggs
    • Bottle of Water
    • Hummus Cup
    • Cheese & Crackers
    • Celery & PB
    • Cottage Cheese & Crackers
    • Fruit Cup
    • Garlic Focaccia Rounds
    • PB & J
    • Guacamole & Chips
    • Trail Mix
  • Dessert
    • Meal comes with an Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie 

Add-ons (like extra meat, cheese, avocado, etc) are not included in this program. 

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