Food and Financial Resources

NDSU students who are experiencing temporary food shortages may utilize the resources listed below. If you cannot find the assistance you need, please call the Dean of Students Office at (701) 231-7701, visit or email Emily Frazier, Dean of Students, at 

Swipe Out Hunger Program
Students may apply for dining center meals as part of the national Swipe Out Hunger program. Meals can be used at any of the three main dining centers by swiping their card at the front counter.

Goods for the Herd - Food Pantry
NDSU Bookstore
The Pantry is by appointment only. Visit their website to complete the Intake Form  and reserve your time. 
The NDSU Food Pantry provides students and employees with a safe space where they can get food, personal care items and household products. 

The Student Emergency Fund 
The Student Emergency Fund assists students by providing funds in times of crisis. These funds do not need to be repaid and are intended to help students meet unforeseen financial emergencies that might otherwise prevent them from continuing their education.  

Financial Aid Coverage for Meal Plans
Financial aid helps students and their families pay for college, and may include coverage for your meal plan. Connect with NDSU Financial Aid regarding the financial aid available to you, and make sure to select your meal plan prior to financial aid disbursement.  

Dining Team Member Meal Compensation
Great pay, and free food! It's a win, win! Apply now! Student Associates get a free meal with every shift, Student Admins get 10 meals per week, and Student Managers get 15 meals per week. 


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