Using GET to Manage Your Meal Plan

The GET mobile app allows students to manage, track and add their meal plans on their own time. 

Adding a Meal Plan 

Add a meal plan today using GET. 

Add a Meal Plan

You may have already added yours when you selected your residence hall. 

Download GET Mobile 

GET on the App Store GET on Google Play Store

Tracking and Using Your Meal Plan

Tracking Usage

If you have a block plan you can use GET to view how many meal swipes you have left. Simply login and look under the "accounts" section

Using your Meal Plan with GET

Using the mobile app you can scan into the dining center without your ID card. 

  1. Open GET Mobile on your phone
  2. Enter your passcode
  3. Click "scan card' under your photo and a barcode will appear
Changes and Cancellations

Meal Plan Changes
Changes to meal plans can be made via GET. 

  • The last day to change a meal plan to a lower plan option (eg from a 7-Day to 5-Day) is 1/21/2021. 
  • The last day to change a meal plan to a higher plan option (eg from 5-Day to 7-Day) is 4/15/2021. 

Meal Plan Cancellations 

  • Cancellations of required meal plans are permitted only when OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWING from the University, or if canceling housing prior to move-in (upperclassmen only).
  • Cancellations of optional meal plans must be made by 1/21/2021. Cancellations can be done in person at the Residence Dining Center offices, or by emailing; please include your NDSU email, ID number, your current plan, and a clear request to cancel
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