NDSU Dining Student Team Members

Here are some of the most important links and contact information as a Dining Team Member. 

Dining Phone Numbers

In the event that you are sick, need time off, or have questions, please call the corresponding number below.

  • RDC: (701) 231-8316
  • UDC: (701) 231-9518
  • UDC Kitchen: (701) 231-8123
  • Retail: (701) 231-9518
  • WDC: (701) 231-7029
  • Catering: (701) 231-8125


When to Work is the site that all our students use to view their schedule! You can add, drop, or trade shifts to modify your workload to fit your schedule. 


NDSU Annual Trainings

As an employee of NDSU, you are required to complete a set amount of annual trainings. All trainings are completed on a yearly basis and must be completed to receive incentive pay. Questions or unsure you've completed them? Contact your Student Manager for more information.

Annual Trainings

Important Employee Documents

  1. Employment Guide
  2. Incentive Pay Criteria
  3. Dining Campus Map
  4. Student Handbook 23-24
  5. Student Promotion Meal Plan Form

International Students 

International students who are interested in on-campus work should first review the On-Campus Employment webpage on the Office of International Student & Study Abroad Services website, to ensure all proper steps are being taken to be allowed to work on campus.

For additional information visit the International Student On Campus Employment page

Connect with Us

Email: ndsu.dining@ndsu.edu  |  Office: (701) 231-7001

Facebook:NDSU Dining | Instagram:@NDSUDining | TikTok:@ndsudining | Pinterest:@ndsudining



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