Welcome to the Team

We are so excited to have you join the NDSU Dining team. Our student team members are essential for helping us feed the herd. Now that you’ve been hired, here are your next steps.

New Employee Checklist

  1. Send your schedule (class schedule & other commitments) to ndsu.dine.hrasst@ndsu.edu
    • You'll receive an email from your student manager to figure out your schedule!
  2. Review the employment guide
  3. Bring your passport oranother acceptable document for your i-9, which verifies employability in the United States. 
    • Original documents only, photocopies not accepted.
    • Neglecting to bring these documents is the number one delay in the hiring process, which means you wouldn't be able to start working or receive the incentive pay!
  4. Pack a plain black t-shirt and close-toed shoes! Check out the studentemployment guidefor more information!
    • We provide your apron, hat, name tag and everything else you'll need.

New Employee Documents

  1. Employment Guide
  2. Dining Campus Map
  3. Incentive Pay Criteria

International Students 

International students who are interested in on-campus work should first review the On-Campus Employment webpage on the Office of International Student & Study Abroad Services website, to ensure all proper steps are being taken to be allowed to work on campus.

For additional information visit the International Student On Campus Employment page

Connect with Us

You'll receive emails from our student employment team with details about your position, but if you have any questions we'd love to help! 

Email: ndsu.dine.hrasst@ndsu.edu |  Office: (701) 799-7918

Social Media

Facebook: NDSU Dining | Instagram: @NDSUDining | TikTok: @ndsudining | Pinterest: @ndsudining

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