Student Employment FAQs

How much does it pay? Students in coffee, the food court, and the dining centers have a starting pay of $13.50/hour and are given a free meal with each shift (of 3+hours). Catering student team members start at $15/hour. If you choose to apply for leadership positions, your pay will increase. Student Admins and Student Supervisors make $14/hour, and receive 10 meals/week with a minimum of a 12-hour work week. Student Managers make $15/hour and get 15 meals/week with a minimum of a 15-hour work week.

Is there flexible scheduling?  Most units are extremely flexible on scheduling. Our student managers work very closely with you to come up with a schedule that fits with your class schedule and other needs. Shifts are usually about 4 hours long, so it is easy for you to balance work with your courses. Plus, it is easy work with your student manager to resolve any scheduling problems. 

Can I work at Caribou Coffee or in the Food Court? Absolutely! Make sure to check the locations you want to work when you apply, we will take your preferences into account. 

Are there any opportunities for growth?  Yes! Any student employee can apply for a leadership position like Student Supervisor or Student Manger. These positions are available for students after their first-year in Dining.  

Will I get stuck in the dish room?  While getting placed in the dish room is dependent on the needs of the dining center, we do take your preferences into account when deciding on where you'll be placed. Most students do not mind working in the dish room occasionally. Some students love working in the dish room because there is always good music to jam out to and your shifts go by really quickly. 

Can international students work for Dining? Yes! International students just need to submit few extra documents before beginning work. The first step is to apply online, then you’ll be contacted to interview with a student manager. Once hired, student managers will help guide you through the on-boarding process and provide any work approval letter needed. Due to visa requirements, International students are limited to work 20 hours per week total. This includes any hours worked at another job outside of Dining.

Many international students who speak English as a second or third language find their job in Dining provides an opportunity to improve their conversational English skills because you interact with so many different people. 

How many hours will I get? The average number of hours students work is about 12 hours per week. However, you can work as many or as few as you would like, some students work as few as 3 hours per week or as many as 20 hours per week. Typical shifts are 4 hours long and designed to easily fit around your class schedule.  

How can I get ahold of you? 
Email:  | Office: (701) 231-9604

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