Residence Life Accommodations


NDSU student living facilities are designed to extend the student’s educational experience beyond the classroom.

The learning and residential environments at NDSU provide students with an opportunity to enhance a variety of educational, cultural, social, and recreational activities. Residence Life offers a wide range of living environments, capable of catering to almost any need that a student may have.

When requesting Residence Life accommodations due to a disability at North Dakota State University (NDSU), the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources (CADR) needs to determine whether there is a condition or combination of conditions that constitute a disability, and whether the disability causes limitations for which reasonable accommodation(s) are needed. Documentation will assist the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources in understanding how the disability may have an impact in the residence halls and the current impact of the condition(s) as it relates to the housing request Click here for Documentation Guidelines.

Disability Services – Steps to Request Residence Life Accommodations

Please note: Residence Life Accommodations can take up to 60 days after a request is made and documentation is submitted.

Step 1.   Student completes a:  Residence Life Accommodations Application through the Bison Accessibility Portal.

Step 2.   The student wiil then need to provide documentation from a treating healthcare provider. See our Documentation Guidelines on what documentation will be needed.

Step 3.  Review of Request – by CADR staff

Step 4.  Initial Meeting – CADR Staff and Student
    -        Student schedules an appointment to meet with one of our accessibility specialists.

Step 5.  Determination made – CADR Staff

Step 6.  Notification of Determination – CADR
    -        Student can expect electronic notification of determination within 60 days of submitting application
             and provider documentation is received.

     -     If your request is approved, you will be contacted by Residence Life staff for next steps.
     -    If your request is denied, you can reapply if information was incomplete. If you wish to appeal the decision, you can follow our complaint procedure.

*Emotional Support Animal Requests
     -    Please be aware that documentation provided by online verification services and other providers with whom you do
          not have an ongoing therapeutic relationship, will likely not be accepted.
     -    Also of note: there is NO state or federal entity that requires an emotional support animal to be registered. 
          Registering an animal with any entity is not proof of your animal’s eligibility nor helpful in getting a request
          for an emotional support animal approved.

 For more detailed information requesting an emotional support animal check out Procedures for Emotional Support Animals in NDSU Housing.

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