Bison Accessibility Portal - Faculty Support

This video give faculty an overview of accessing and managing accommodation for students in their classes. You can also download the PDF instructions for Faculty Support for the Bison Accessibility Portal. 

Uploading Exams to the Bison Accessibility Portal

Downloading Completed Exams

This video walks you through the steps for downloading completed exams.

Alternative Testing Agreement for Faculty

This instructional video and Pdf will walk faculty through completing the Alternative Testing Agreement and Details. You can also download the Pdf for Filling out the Alternative Testing Agreement and Details.


Bison Accessibility Portal - Faculty FAQ's

Will I get an email for every student who is receiving accommodations in my course(s)?

Yes. In the past, students would bring the accommodation papers over for you to fill out. With the new system, you will receive an e-mail with the accommodations for each student. It is now electronic and you do not have to sign it. I have several students who have Alternative Testing Accommodations for my course.

Do I need to fill out an Alternate Testing Agreement for each student?

As far as exams, you will only have to fill out one Alternate Testing Agreement for each course as the agreement applies to all students in your course. You will need to fill out an Alternative Testing Agreement for each section of the course where students have requested testing accommodations.

Do I have to upload the exam for each individual student who is getting a testing accommodation?

If all the students in your course are taking the same exam, you can select multiple students for your course and only upload one exam. If you have multiple versions, you will have to upload those separately.

Why am I getting all these emails notifying me that students are scheduling exams?

You will get an email when a student schedules an exam. This is so you are aware that a student is scheduled to take the exam in the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources (CADR) and you can verify the times. We encourage students to schedule all the exams for the semester once they know the dates and times. This allows them to be able to get on our schedule.

Do I have to upload my exams when I get the notification that a student has scheduled an exam?

No. You can upload the exam at any time prior to the exam being administered. We would like the exams uploaded at least 2 days prior to the exam so we can assure they are there for the student. If we don’t receive the exam at least 2 days before the scheduled exam, someone from CADR will reach out to you.

What happens if I upload the wrong exam or make changes to my exam?

If you upload the wrong exam or make changes and update an exam, you can delete the old exam and upload the new updated exam.

My exams are online, why do I need to upload it to the portal?

If your exams are online, you do not need to upload the file. When filling out your Alternative Testing Agreement, just state in the Notes field that the exams are online. If you are requiring the Respondus browser be used, put that in the notes also. When CADR views the exam on the schedule, we will see it in your notes.

What happens if I reschedule or cancel an exam?

If you reschedule or cancel an exam, it is the student’s responsibility to reschedule or cancel the exam in the Bison Accessibility Portal. However if you do reschedule the exam, you will need to re-upload the exam to the new scheduled time.

How do I give students extended time on timed exams in Blackboard?

If you have a student who is taking a timed exam within Blackboard, they still will need to be provided with extended time for the exam. This is a feature that can be changed within Blackboard. If you have any questions on how to extend time for Blackboard Exams, contact Lorna Olsen in Instructional Services - or 701/231-6328


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