Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty members have the right to:  
  • Maintain the rigor and the fundamental nature of their course content.
  • Require students to demonstrate their knowledge of crucial course content.
  • Consult with the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources (CADR) if the accommodation seems unreasonable.
  • Receive an official Notification of Academic Support Services email from CADR before providing requested accommodations. However, faculty should encourage the student to continue communicating about barriers in the classroom while they are in the process of registering with CADR.
Faculty members are responsible for:
  • Implementing best practices in teaching to reach a diversity of learners.
  • Including a syllabus statement on how students can access accommodations; see NDSU Policy 331.1 for approved syllabus statement.
  • At the student’s request, meet with students with approved accommodations in order to discuss and make arrangements for the approved accommodations. This is best done in the instructor’s office to promote an atmosphere of open communication and confidentiality between student and faculty.
  • Providing the accommodations listed in the official Notification of Academic Support Services from CADR.
  • Contacting CADR if there are any questions or concerns about an approved accommodation or how to best work with a student.
  • Having an awareness of campus resources available for students and faculty.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of student’s who disclose their disability or need for accommodation.

Faculty do not have the right to refuse to provide required accommodations as outlined on an official letter from CADR, to question whether the disability exists when accommodations have been authorized by CADR, or to request to examine the student’s documentation. However, faculty members do have input and should work with students to determine how accommodations will be provided in a particular class. An accommodation should not alter the fundamental nature of a course or program.
While students are expected to comprehend course material, accommodations give students the opportunity to achieve that goal and demonstrate that comprehension in testing situations. If a faculty member has questions about the appropriateness of a required accommodation, he or she should consult with the appropriate Accessibility Specialist in CADR. If the disagreement is not resolved, the faculty member should contact the Director of CADR.

What Accommodations are Faculty Responsible for Providing?

Faculty are responsible for providing the accommodations that are listed in the student’s Notification of Academic Support Services, both in the classroom and for exams. If a faculty member has concerns about how an accommodation may apply in their class, please contact CADR to consult with the student’s Accessibility Specialist.
For more information about some of the most frequently approved accommodations, please visit our Accommodations and Services page.
Unsure of How to Provide an Accommodation? Please call CADR in a timely manner to ask for assistance or clarification. CADR is here to support the academic efforts of students with disabilities and can serve as a resource to faculty members to help meet this goal.

Why is it the Faculty Member’s Responsibility?

In order to be truly accessible and to preserve academic integrity within the classroom at NDSU, the faculty member is the most appropriate person to administer the accommodations.

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