Pregnant and Parenting Student Information
NDSU supports and accommodates pregnant and parenting students under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (June 23) from the US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, “Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students.”

Pregnant and parenting students are entitled to all programs and activities sponsored by the University.University departments and units must not discriminate against a student based on the following: 

  • Pregnancy
  • Child birth
  • False pregnancy
  • Termination of the pregnancy; and
  • Recovery from any of these conditions.

Student Absence due to Pregnancy
A student’s absence because of pregnancy or childbirth must be excused as long as the student’s doctor deems the absence medically necessary. When a student returns, she must be allowed to return to the same academic and co-curricular status as prior to her leave.

If absences are due to pregnancy, faculty must allow a student to submit work after the deadline and earn class attendance and participation points. The faculty member will work with the student to determine how to make up missed work and points.

A school may offer the student alternatives to making up missed work, from which the student should be allowed to choose. Possible alternatives include the following: retaking the semester; taking part in an online format to complete the course; or continuing at the same pace, finishing at a later date by allowing the student additional time in a program.

Services for Pregnant/Parenting Students
Pregnant students will be provided with special services that are provided to those who have a temporary medical condition. At North Dakota State University, Disability Services will determine and coordinate appropriate services. Medical certification will be requested through Disability Services.

Pregnant students may be allowed additional services based upon functional limitations imposed by the pregnancy. Examples may include requiring a larger desk; being allowed frequent trips to the bathroom; and being permitted temporary access to elevators.

As a reminder, there are designated spaces on campus for students who may be breastfeeding. Lactation room locations are posted online here: NDSU lactation room locations.

Students requesting pregnancy related accommodation information please complete this form. Request for Pregnancy Accommodations

Discrimination or Harassment Towards Pregnant/Parenting Students
Harassing behavior towards a student due to her pregnancy (such as sexual comments, jokes, and humiliating or physically threatening or harmful behavior) must be promptly addressed and referred to the Title IX Coordinator and the Equity Office at, Old Main 201, or 701-231-7708.

Additional Resources
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U.S. Department of Education:

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