Family & Consumer Science Education

Program Requirements

Learning Outcomes
Upon Completion of the program, you will:

  • Plan curriculum for teaching
  • Create a physical and psychological environment for learning
  • Engage students in the learning process
  • Examine the relationship of diverse groups and the educational process
  • Analyze the historical and philosophical underpinnings of FACS
  • Assume professional responsibilities
  • Apply research to practice

Program Requirements
To qualify for the master's degree, students must be admitted to the program, take the necessary course work, and meet the master's degree requirements of their admitting/degree granting institution.  The program is a 36-41 credit hour program.

Courses in the On-line Master's Degree Program

  • History and Philosophy of FCS & Career & Tech Ed - 3 credits
  • Occupational Program in FCS - 3 credits
  • Exceptional Learners - 3 credits
  • Education in a Pluralistic Society - 3 credits
  • Psychology of Adolescence - 3 credits
  • Reading in the Content Area - 3 credits
  • Teaching FCS with Technology - 3 credits
  • FCS Methods I (taken concurrently with a practicum) - 3 credits
  • FCS Methods II (taken concurrently with a practicum) - 3 credits
  • Practica (two at 1 credit each)
  • Student Teaching (10 weeks minimum) - 9 credits
  • Research Course - 3 credits

Other undergraduate or graduate level courses may need to be taken to obtain teacher licensure in your state.

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