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What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is an industry leading web-based survey software that is now available to all North Dakota State University faculty, staff and students.  Qualtrics users will be able to create their own web-based surveys and conduct statistical analysis.  Some features include:

  • Wizards with point and click interface to help build surveys
  • Library of surveys and questions to customize
  • Powerful survey mailer to track, remind and thank respondents
  • Pipe text and embed data
  • Branching and logics
  • Integrated graphics and statistical tools and ability to export data into Excel, SPSS, PDF, PowerPoint or Word
  • Collaborate and share surveys among users


How do I login to Qualtrics?

We will be using NDSU’s Central Authentication Services (CAS) to login to Qualtrics using your NDSU Username and password which is the same credentials that you use to log into Blackboard and NDSU computer clusters.

To login to Qualtrics go to the NDSU portal at https://ndstate.qualtrics.com from there you will be redirected to CAS for access authentication.


What if I already have my own Qualtrics account?

If you already use Qualtrics, login using your NDSU Username and password through the NDSU portal, located at https://ndstate.qualtrics.com. You will be able to migrate your existing projects into our new Qualtrics interface by indicating that you already have an account after you log in.


How do I cite or reference Qualtrics in my research?

Because Qualtrics is such a vital part of research, a common need is to cite Qualtrics within a research project or paper. Please click here for citation and reference guidelines from Qualtrics.


Where can I go for information about using Qualtrics?


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