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Grant Rebudgeting

The approvals required for budget changes to existing awards are determined by the terms and conditions of the award. Many sponsors allow rebudgeting without prior approval while others require approval when rebudgeting into or out of a spending category exceed a specified percentage of the award amount.

If rebudgeting is necessary, please send a request to the Grant and Contract Accounting Office. The appropriate GCA officer will review the request to determine if it is allowable, based on sponsor regulations or contractual agreements in the award documents. If prior sponsor approval is required, GCA will forward the request to Sponsored Programs Administration. If sponsor approval is not required, GCA will complete the budget transfer and send notification to the department.

Levels of Restriction

PeopleSoft Grants Management Module has the capability to check for available funds at four different levels of restriction. The level of restriction is determined by the regulations imposed by the sponsoring agency. The levels of restriction are as follows:

  1. Budget Code - Each expense processed is checked against the budget for the specific line item;
  2. Budget Category - Each expense processed is checked against the sum of budgets within a given category;
  3. Total Direct - Each expense processed is checked against the sum of all budgets, excluding indirect cost budget, within the fund to determine if sufficient funds are available;
  4. Budget Total - Each expense processed is checked against the sum of all budgets within the fund to determine if sufficient funds are available.

See NDSU Fund Mapping by Budget Level for a listing of funds used.

Related Policies:

NDSU Policy 816: Rebudgeting on Sponsored Agreements

No Cost Extensions

If additional time is needed to complete a sponsored project without additional funding, a no cost extension can be requested from Sponsored Programs Administration. See the following link for more information on requesting a no cost extension.

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